Timaya gets his inspiration from starring at Female Backside

Between Timaya and a Fraudster Who Fled Instagram After Being Exposed by Owner of the Photo S/he was Using
In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Timaya spoke at length on how he gets his inspiration for some of his songs.
The ‘Shake up your bum bum’ singer said:

“I love the human backside because it is very beautiful and just by staring at it, I get ideas for songs.

And that is how songs like Ukwu and Shake Your Bum, came about. However, I also sing about many other things so it is balanced. A lot of people are hypocritical because songs about bums usually have the highest downloads but people would come out to criticise them. So who is downloading them?”
I have learnt that you can never please everybody and I don’t waste my time trying to do that. I stay true to myself, and if you’re cool with it, it’s okay. And if you’re not down with it, that’s also okay. Life goes on.”
Talking about his daughters, Timaya affectionately said,
“I did not know I could love anyone the way I love my children. I have a very wonderful relationship with my daughters and I relate with them a lot so they also see me as a friend.”


  1. I need a lesbian partner that will take care of me asap!

  2. I need a lesbian partner that will take care of me asap!

  3. Smiles...l mean, how can bum bum inspire someone...


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