This guy was caught trying to steal a car in Computer Village (photos)

A car theft was reported at the Computer village. Man was caught inside a packed bus who was trying to start the bus but got caught in the process.

According to an eye witness, this was what he narrated to Prokotinz.com

"I can't just believe someone can just walk in to a car with master key to drive out of computer village in broad day light publicly.

If not for God, But unfortunately was blocked as he was trying to start the the bus, the lady that has shop opposite where the bus was packed notice that someone is in the bus and she alert the owner of vehicle. The owner was shocked said "I locked the door how come he open the door."

We now drag him down..we want to beat him before, but one uniform man advice us to leave because is not normal. I think they have beaten him somewhere before he come for this operation"


  1. Smh. Every day for the thief, one day for the owner.

  2. This one is not a thief biko,more like a mad man

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