Meet Cherelle Neille, the lady who says she is too good-looking to have a boyfriend (photos)

Meet The Beautiful Woman Who Says She's Too Good Looking To Find A Boyfriend. .
Cherelle Neille believes she has been unable to find a boyfriend because she is too good-looking. The 26-year-old single mother from Manchester, claims her beautiful face is a curse - because potential boyfriends only see her as arm candy.

The shop assistant and aspiring actress says her dating life has been a disaster because of her looks and finds that men only want to parade her to their friends and take photos with her.

Cherelle also claims her looks can make men intimidated by her, with most assuming she doesn't have a nice personality.


The stunner has since given up on love - as she is sick of men objectifying her and simply wishes they would like her for her character rather than her appearance. .

Former model Cherelle said: 'I feel as though plain Janes have it easier because men will actually get to know their personality as their looks are merely average. 'Whereas for me, it's always the wrong attention, they never want to know me as a person. 'Plain girls end up with the long lasting relationships and I'm the one kissing all the frogs. 'I am sick of people assuming I am nasty when I am really a lovely person. My looks attract the wrong guys and it has been really hard, now I am completely over men. 'They continually think just because I'm good looking, I am going to be rude or stuck up. They say to me "oh you think you are too good-looking don't you?" - which is ridiculous.' .

Cherelle added: 'Whenever I am on a date, they only care about what I look like, they never even listen to what I am saying. 'My last boyfriend just paraded me around to his friends and only cared about having his photo taken with me. No man I've met so far is ever actually interested in having a conversation with me.'

She claims being attractive has not only impacted her love life, but also her friendships.

Cherelle says she has been having trouble with her dating life for years. With failed relationships and disastrous dates, she wishes her looks stop attracting the wrong attention.


  1. Spirit husband wahala 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. you say men are objectifying you blah blah blah, true beauty is within and in character as well, stop talking and start showing how well mannered you are, maybe someone will see you for what you really are and give you a chance.

  3. Lol..no one is too good looking to have a bf.

  4. Where's the beauty?*checks around*ahn ahn!I refused to be deceived by u young lady

  5. Cant help but laugh out loud. Too beautiful? Who's been lying to you girl? You're pretty average looking to me, exept I think you must be pretty ugly inside!!!!!!!!

  6. hahahahaha!! Too beautiful? Who has been lying to you girl. You look pretty average to me. And I've been around long enough to know average. But inside, ohhh nooo. You are ugly from the inside. Stop looking at yourself and see the people around you. I am sure someone must love you. Too Beautiful, hahahahahah.

  7. Come on peeps, stop the "bad belle" !!! She's a real stunner. But does she really have a great personality for which her looks serve as a compliment?! We have only heard her side of the story.

  8. Well somebody must have listened to you Cherelle, and you clearly liked him too....how else did you become a mother??? Someone saw more than your beauty

  9. Cherelle, i truly believe you, but someone would be incredibly bless to have All of you, especially your heart!!! warren

  10. Cherelle
    A little word of advice from a player. Although, I'm 49 and I'm 23 years married to stunner. She is 45 years old and is just as beautiful as you are at 26. We met at a night club and I too was feeling just like you. I was being objectified by women. I was 23 at 192cm tall, I played professional football in Europe and I had the physic of a god. Women drooled over me. It came to a point in my life where I wanted nothing to do with women emotionally. I turned into a sex freak and basically gave them what they wanted. I know its different for girls. If you're like that, they brand you a whore. While men are branded as studs. I had enough of that, over time too. Finally I met my wife to be. She approached me! She was 188cm tall, natural beauty with curly hair, like yours, but toned down, mascara only on her green eyes, and, although her lips were not as big as yours, she wore a simple lip gloss in a pink hue. Her dress, a mini skirt but she was covered to her neck, revealing no cleavage, as her chest was much larger than yours. I appreciated her natural beauty, and nothing distracted me from getting to know her inside.

    My advice is, if you want men to stop objectifying you and approach you on an emotional level, I would suggest you tone down your appearance. Less make-up, big hair and revealing outfits. Keep your appearance fresh and light with outfits that are still sexy but less revealing. SHOW LESS SKIN. Be tasteful in your make up. Your lips are already big, thus you over exaggerate them when you put dark lipstick on. Thus men will think of one thing when they look at them, and it's not kissing them. Crude but true. Your eyes are beautiful. No need for dark liner with the cat eye flip. Simple mascara on your lashes and a little high-light on you lids will still make your eyes pop. The way you are doing them gives you the PornoStar look. Again, men will react that way. Don't give men the Whore look, they will be distracted and think of one thing when they are talking to you. They will never get to know the real you if you are not showing them the real you.

    Just one more thing. I have my blood niece who reminds me of you at her age. She too was wearing revealing outfits, over done make up and big hair. She was an aspiring model. Partying, posting sexy, revealing pictures on Facebook. She was being passed around from wrong guy to wrong guy, but never finding the emotional connection. The same thing I see going on with you. She is now, 36 years old. No boyfriend. No prospects. Modeling is done. Still partying with no real direction in her life. Change your ways girl. Its not that you aren't meeting the right guys, its that your attracting the wrong ones by how you are portraying yourself.
    If you want more advice, email me at anonymous@me.com

  11. EMMANUEL HUMPHREY19 June 2017 at 17:07



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