How Soundcity VJ, Adams, and his manager brutalized his driver Martins (photos)

So Soundcity VJ, Adams and his manager have been accused by his driver Martins Eni (pictured above) of brutalizing him.
Read the story as shared by Adams' colleague Cletus Felix below...

This young man is Martin Eni Eni (Zigg Zagg)  who works with Sound City as a driver but assigned to one of their TV Presenter Adams Ibrahim well known as "Vj Adams" who happens to also be a younger childhood friend with Martin Eni Eni,  As regards that fact he does other activities like running errands and played the role of a personal assistant (P A)  for "Vj Adams" even down to running errands for Ibrahims' parent and siblings outside his driving duties, on the 27th of April 2017 Ibrahims' sister Aminat who is also an OAP for Eko FM called Martins that she would be needing his service since Ibrahim wasn't in town, On arriving at Aminats place she asked Martin to spend the night that she would be leaving for her work by 6am, they left the house that morning and after her duties in Eko FM, After that she asked him to take her to the new apartment Adams recently paid for somewhere in Argungi area before Ajah so she could supervise the cleaning of the place for her brother Ibrahim, then Ibrahim called to say he was back in town already but in his managers (Fagbuyi Adeniyi) place, Martins dropped of Adams sister rushed home to freshen up caused he was not prepared to sleep in Aminat's house, while he was in the bathroom Ibrahim called several time but he didn't pick because he was in the bathroom after which he quickly rushed to Ibrahim's managers house and the drama began.... "where have you been have been calling you, give me my keys" and Martins told him "i have to pick up my stuffs at your place and give you your keys" he then left and took all his stuffs came back and gave Ibrahim his keys so he Ibrahim quickly entered his car and was about driving off, this is someone who has always claimed he has a phobia for driving,  Martins was shocked and said "ohhh so you can drive and you have been dulling all this while" immediately Fagbuyi Adeniyi (Ibrahim's manager)  well known as Fabulous gave Martin a punch in mouth with several punches and slaps while Martins was helpless and begging the duo that the should take the key that he was no longer interested in the job that they should please let him go, rather Fabulous held his trouser and beat him u!


  1. IF this is the true picture of what went down then its so so unfair, but if not, let God be the judge, we have only read one side of the story.

  2. That manager is an idiot.

  3. Wich kain yeye story be dis? Isnt it obvious some lines are missing?

    After shagging dudes sister, you still have the audacity to run that big stinking mouth anyhow. mtsheeew.

  4. Ain't got fuel for some shit ass one sided story


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