Man calls out Eko FM Staff who wants to Marry His Sister as 2nd Wife

This is kind of funny. A man who doesn't want his sister to become a second wife to a married man has taken to Facebook to oppose her decision. The sister, Aminat Elegushi, an Ltv staff, is set to be the 2nd wife of Mr. Ayodele Ilori, an Eko Fm staff.

But her brother has vowed that he won't allow any man put his sister in the line of polygamy...

I think from her name she's a Muslim and their religion allows such. So he should talk to his sister in private, give her good reasons, and not bring their family matter to social media.


  1. Maybe his efforts to talk to her in private yielded nothing

  2. ..but he should knw shes old enuff to decide for herself. Her life, her choice.

  3. Kemi; do your research before posting...Our religion does not accept polygamy. It depends on individual belief

  4. I think the guy is just seeking unnecessary attention. The lady is an adult and knows what she is getting into. I wonder why people always think polygamy is evil. As long as all the parties involved are aware I have no issues with it. I am from a monogamous home and am happily married without thinking or would never marry another woman but I have seen polygamous homes and they are all happy. Yes the homes am referring to are very wealthy men. But the bottom line is it actually works for some people. So let's cut this crap. Afterall a lot of so call monogamous homes and men have concubines and children everywhere.


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