KFB Movie Review: Omoni Oboli's 'Okafor's law' is Gold!!!

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Today's movie for review is the much talked about, Okafor's Law!

Starring: Omoni Oboli, Halimar Abubakar, Gabriel Afolayan, Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson, Blossom ChukwujekwuGabriel AfolayanRichard Mofe Damijo, Ufuoma McDermott, Ken Erics, Tina Mba, Lala Akindojo, Mary Lazarus.
Synopsis: Okafor's Law states that once a man has had a woman, he can have her again at any time, and Chuks, a believer in the law puts it to a test with past girlfriends over a 21-day period. Chuks (aka Terminator) is an ardent player with the ladies. He enjoys the attention of women, including girlfriends from the past. When challenged by his friends to see if he can prove the universality of that theory with three ex-girlfriends from his school days, he accepts the challenge.

Verdict: Stellar! Outrageously exciting! And severely beautiful. 'Okafor's Law' is fantastic. Absolutely, mind-blowing fantastic! The quality is unparalleled. and its beauty; exquisite. This Must Be Seen!

'Okafor's Law' is a shameless hard-hitting slugger. A bully of sorts. Never relenting. Never slowing down. Without an ounce of pity; it will pound you into your seat with laughter. And yank you from it naked, in smelting excitement. You will shake. You will jump. You will kick. You will clap. You will scream. You will screech with laughter. And realizing you've lost your cool, you will hold your face in amazement, and wonder- "What is happening to me?" This is what this movie will do to you.

With great acting, a super-solid script, very well thought out dialogue and a honeyed story, told in the simplest of ways, 'Okafor's Law' earns the gratitude of its audience- Seeing it is a group experience like no other. Intermittently, the audience comes alive, together at once; like one Big happy family sharing moments of joy, as the cinema hall morphs from theater to living room, converting neighbors, otherwise strangers, into fast friends.

We had Madd! fun seeing this. "Madd!" as to mean- So good that, when we were done, we sincerely felt like paying more. And as much as we can't believe we just wrote that last sentence, we must confess, when we measure the fullness of the fun we had, we can't help but feel; we were served extreme beauty at a discount. This is Gold. Magnificent!

Extremely recommended. You have to see this!

PS: Not for children- It is laced with sexual adult content.

See trailer and get more details below:
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  1. If this is your review on okafors law then it means you've been lying on all your reviews. Okafors law was just hype and the movie didn't match up to the hype .it was just a regular nollywood movie. And to think u criticised some movies and I thought those movies were crap.mtcheww

  2. Thank you very much @mcslimz whoever did this review is from omoni oboli's camp, this movie should have been a straight to dvd and not even cinema worthy . omoni oboli knows how to hype her movies and that's exactly what is working for her, after watching wives on strike , I couldn't believe this was a movie that was hyped severely, go and read the reviews on 360nobs and pulse then you'll see that whoever did this review didn't even watch the movie .... Kemi I'm glad this isn't actually your own review ...


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