KFB Movie Review: 'Basira in London' is an embarrassing version of 'Jenifa"

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Today's movie for review is Eniola Badmus' 'Basirat in London' and the review was done by Cinema Movie Pointer

Synopsis: Basira in London is a comedy about an African woman who travels to London on holiday. Upon meeting with her friends, she decides she wants to stay and gain employment. However, she is shocked at the type of job they find for her. (Written by Phabs Production)

Starring: Eniola Badmus, Timothy Byrne, Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, Tolu Yesufu, Destinee Anthony.

Warning!! Basira is Jenifa's counterfeit sister. While Jenifa is genuinely funny, Basira is a putrid mess; a painting in ridiculousness. This movie is a terrible embarrassment to all the progress made by Nollywood in half a decade; like a femme fatale, Basira will bring you only regret and anguish as she slams you into wall after wall of austere jokes. One after the other, the next, ever more drier than the last- a litany of washed up comedy is all it has to offer. Distressful! By all means, avoid this for your own good.

'Basira in London' is everything a cinema offering ought not to be. And so, as we all sat there watching, seemingly united in sorrow, occasionally one would hear a little hum here, a wimp there and a gaggle there, but not one true bout of hearty laughter was this supposed comedy able to scrounge out of its audience. It was torture!

In the end, as the credits rolled, the room emptied in eerie silence, like we were exiting a funeral parlor, leaving a loved one behind, literally. Only the tears were missing.

Desperately not recommended. Dodge it!

We wouldn't bother if we were you, but if you want to, you may see the trailer below:

Review by Cinema Movie Pointer


  1. Movie for anoda day. Thanks for sharing dear

  2. This reviewer is a clown!
    Very hilarious.
    Thanks for giving us a heads up.
    Won't bother watching.

  3. This is one hell of a wicked review!Chai...more like the reviewer as a beef with Eniola Badmus

  4. Don't i just love these reviews!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. When I saw the trailer, I knew the film won't be interesting


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