I Found Out My Chief Bridesmaid is Pregnant for My Husband on Our Wedding Day - Bride Cries Out

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The woman shared her story on break_or_makeup, telling stunned readers about her husband.
According to her, she had just gotten married to the love of her life when something mind-shattering happened.
She revealed that after the wedding, as she was about to get ready for the reception, a text message came into her husband's phone and when she read it, she found out that her chief bridesmaid is pregnant for her husband.
The discovery has left her completely disheartened and she is now seeking for advice on what to do.
Below is how she told the story:


  1. That ur Chief Bridemaid is a devil and nt frnd. And based on hw to do ur finding. Confront ur silly husband and let the cat out of the bag. Then his response will determine ur action. And note. Don't allow him to sleep with u yet until the pro is solved.

  2. it is late
    u shd ve shouted and shame them at d reception and divorce him right dere

  3. it is late
    u shd ve shouted and shame them at d reception and divorce him right dere.

  4. This is a very difficult situation o. Your then fiance, now husband and your chief brides maid(prolly your bestfriend) have been screwing you behind your back all these while.
    If I were you, I'll just... Its just too hard to bear..#confused

  5. Jesus christ! No one is to be trusted. See why i dont have friends? Good thing she called off the wedding

  6. Your chief bridesmaid, most likely your best friend!!!!

    I'm taking the back seat on this.

  7. Isn't the chief bridesmaid supposed to be with her? Who sent d text pls? Its kind of off!

  8. There is always room for forgiveness.but its going to be the hardest thing you have ever done but ask God to help you and you will be better for it.

  9. This is really hurting...Maybe they had an affair before and one thing led to another, she became pregnant...talk to your husband about it first..don't keep quiet

  10. What a life! Confront your husband,no matter his reply seek counsel and ask God to lead you through!


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