“Take heart…Karma at work” – Nigerians tell Tonto Dikeh over collapsed marriage interview

Mixed reactions trail the shocking revelations of Tonto Dikeh contained in the interview granted mediaroomhub’s Azuka Ogujiuba uploaded on Wednesday, March 8.

From the sympathetic to the cold-blooded, the star actress’ cry about domestic violence and humiliation found pity and disgust.
Here are some of the reactions…
  • _yourvillagepeoplefor no reason should a woman have to endure domestic violence,no matter who she is,let the woman live
  • garyamanesi…no matter what, no man has the right to hit a woman. Those pics got me sick to my stomach. Hope you heal both physically and emotionally.
  • misskendra_willifred@officialtboss007Same goes to you mofo. Am sure your past isn’t righteous as well. Even your present isn’t as good as you clam. Thats why you will always live in your past cause you are found of past and not the present . Let me tell you she lived the life she is suppose to live in her 20’s and thats why she is a strong woman today to know that man is not worth it! Her past might be dirty as you claim but it made her the strong woman she is today. And what ever she is going through today is for the best. Bend down and pray to God for forgiveness. So you dont end up carrying cutlass for your in-law cause am sure u have a sister. All the best👍
  • prettypam28@kokoiyohodon’t i just love your comment! Can’t be said any better.
  • stephenbid@margaretttteeU don’t have to insult…. That Y there is option of remaining single and not having sex again….. This one U are taking it personal are U also a victim?…
  • daimler_foreign@misskendra_willifredwe pray that’s not her portion……I respect @addannaya s point of view, but I see things differently and I like respectfully debating and sharing one another’s points of view without any malice, anyways who are we to judge…..no be our matter….only God and the people involved know the real truth…..I can only hope they go with God
  • stephenbid@blessed_maiGod forbid about my future daughter…… God forbid am not a domestic abuser and I will never be…. I’v never raised my hand on a lady and I will never…. Men who does that are lazy men…. It not mandatory it a choice for U not to that Y I said If she is a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN…
  • _mrashaniThis made me tear up@ms_dyna
  • dordorcuisineBut I don’t think we need all these details… keep your problems away from social media, no one truly cares.. they’ll only gist about it and it ends there.
  • princessij2My dear I just pray that God should give you the strength to face your challenges! Not all marriages are worth dying for!! Be strong 💪 because of your lil boy
  • dordorcuisineFace your future, be a good mum to your son and forget about the rest of us.. I wish you well Tonto with so much love.. God bless you!
  • stephenbid@zee_beauThat what the Bible says, That why U have to be very careful before U marry BECAUSE IT A BIG THING BEFORE GOD….and there is option for her to leave that is if she can stay single without sex forever unless her husband die before she can marry again….
  • stephenbid@just_nonsoread Matthew 19 1 – 12
  • daimler_foreignType so soon enoughost he will she something else to catch his eye…..men are like infants 😂
  • zee_beau@stephenbidyou forget we are humans, mere mortals and change is bound to occur. Or haven’t you seen someone that’s all godly, sweet, entertaining, caring and loveable in relationship,but immediately after marriage the real persons comes? We don’t have fore eyes to see beyond that. It takes the grace of God and constant prayers to overcome these things if not they happen everyday and because of this same born again thing and ignorance, some women die in the process
  • addannaya@daimler_foreignshe @misskendra_willifred can cause all she likes, I don’t care. She has no power to lay any curse on me. she’s just blabbering and sounding like an illiterate. I don’t curse people while I try to make my point. Even till date some people don’t believe Toke’s story and nobody has killed them. But I read that book and believed every single line because prior to the period she wrote it, she didn’t come to instagram to lie to people that her husband is perfect. And all the time it took her to fight in her marriage before she finally took a bold step to write the book shows maturity. Tonto needs to learn maturity,she needs to learn to keep shut sometimes. People don’t need to know what’s going on in your life at every point. How long has this her marriage lasted? But see how dramatic it is. Nobody’s saying u should die in a marriage because you want to keep it but handle things like a grown woman. That’s all I’m saying
  • addannaya@daimler_foreignmy dear I’m 29 and all I’m saying is that, having lied about her marriage from day one, it’s hard for me to believe any other thing she says. We all know how controversial Tonto is, at least I know. She even said it herself in one of her interviews that it’s what she’s known for, controversy. I’m a feminist and I strongly stand against domestic violence against women but this lady needs to get her shit together. She presented this man as an angel, a God-sent, prayed and praised him on social media almost every morning and all of a sudden he’s the devil. Everything is happening too fast. So I’m going to wait and not rush into any conclusion.
  • stephenbid@zee_beauthat Y good churches have marriage committee….. And born again Christians are always advice to pray very hard to see the will of God….. Because if a born again Christian marry an unbeliever, he/she have not sinned but the consequences may lead u to sin….
  • zee_beau@stephenbidit’s not easy as you say it. It’s not.. I will still tell you, it takes the grace of God. You dunno humans with pretence. You’re just judging from a shallow part. The wicked ones are even the ones in churches and marriage committee. Not easy. Only God
  • just_nonso@stephenbidthe only basis for divorce is infidelity
  • miz_linanuel@rosymeurerif this is true. Disabling comments won’t help you. Karma is a bitch and she will definitely come for u. Love is never an excuse to break another person’s home. If you weren’t in the picture maybe there would have been a chance.
  • just_nonso@stephenbidand he did cheat on her.. so what are you talking about?? When you add the abuse, I see no reason that should be called a marriage..
  • zee_beauThat’s how some prophesies ruin so many people’s life. This life is a personal race. It’s the grace of God. No church can help you o, it’s your being and faith in God that will make a church look like a help to you. I dunno if you get me. They will help you in prayers and all but if God says it’s bound to happen, it won’t change. Humans are wicked. Don’t judge from your self
  • praize_id@addannayasweetie, there is this thing called love. When once u are in love with someone, u get blinded by everything that even if others sees him as a monsters, u see him as a n Angel. You will go to anything extent to make him feel loved. Many ladies are victims of this, just incase u haven’t done it just once, then u av never been in love. So she praising her man on social media is just a way of expressing her love hoping that she can make him a better man. She tried to paint her man to be the perfect kind of man. So it’s not her fault, she was trying to be a strong woman, and try to fight but u guess she is now tired of fighting and the blindfold is off her eyes. So she I speaking out, u never know aw many times she has been pushed to the wall by this guy before she decided to turn bk. To me, I say it’s better to raise a child in a broken home that in a home where the woman is not been respected. No woman even the worst prostitute deserves to be treated this way cos we all av feelings.
  • miz_linanuelEveryone is posting international Women’s day. What is it about when we keep contributing to our breakdown. Like@tontolet said Internet never dies. I will make sure i remind you when your gist is out. Oni iranu. Ashewo oshi
  • aduks27@addannayadon’t we all make mistakes! She might have praised him and thought he was an angel! We have all being there, dating a guy thinking he was the ONE! You actually think she would have married him if she knew he was a beast?! Just because some of us are lucky to see a guy’s true colour b4 we say our ‘I dos’ don’t mean others will be that lucky! He might have being an angel but changed along the line!!! I have dated a guy who came across as an angel, he couldn’t do any wrong in my eyes and people around me, he came to meet my parents and they loved him, guess what?? After 6 months, he turned to a beast and guess what again, I was showing him off on social media and every where I could because when you are in LOVE and think you have found the ONE, that’s what you DO!!!! You can’t blame her if the guy changed along the line!!! It happens to 3 in every 5 women and they aren’t to blame because people change, terribly!!!!!
  • freshprince_qbEven the media won’t heal ur wounds or broken heart so why come on here to give stories… we all face different challenges in life… FACE IT N DEAL WIF IT OUTTA D GRAM….
  • just_nonsoAll I see in this comment section are bitter people who hide under the guise of Christianity to dish out hate and bitter comments. It’s sad to see christians this way! People keep referring to her ‘bad lifestyle’ and I ask, were you friends with her?? Did her best friend tell you about her on WhatsApp? Stop the hate!! Hitting people when they are down is the lowest form of low!
  • olori_santos😪😪😪💔💔💔💔@tontolet God heal ur heart
  • slay_mrs@daimler_foreignI swear she is evil who knows exactly what she did. To think she took time to disable comments on over 100 pictures. Smdh. @rosysemeurer
  • misskendra_willifred@addannayaall am saying in summary is you should not talk bad about a woman cause you are are woman😊 never trust a man ! And always mind your business.. What is happening to @tontolet today is something you should learn from and not say trash. You are waiting for her husbands side of the story 😂still makes me Laff. You are 29 years old clap for your self👏 Tonto is immature? For speaking up? And let me remind you that she tried so hard to keep a healthy home. Any way I dont have words for you anymore cause you are matured than Tonto so use your brains…God bless you🙏
  • addannaya@misskendra_willifredyou’re just so stupid to comprehend anything. Oya u have won. 👋 👋
  • dollarchampagne_jnr. But Tonto, why Paint a False Picture to the World when clearly you’ve been nurturing & enduring Pain, Sorrow, Tears and sometimes Blood. I say Karma because you can’t claim you didn’t know Churchill was married, the media louded it, I personally even warned you but you but you kept a deaf ear to it but you were rather Shouting KingKong & Mr.X like a female Dog on Heat.. You don’t deserve to be beaten by anyone & I feel sorry in that regard. If He hit You, trust me, He wouldn’t know what’ll HIT him.. My candid advice still Remains, Keep all these Stories away from the media, save it for a court date & a Judge coz quite frankly, No one Really Cares, Tonto! Ndo Poko lee.
  • amaryah_I wish all married women have this opportunity to come and speak about their marriages like she’s doing. I don’t think there would have been any space left on Instagram for people to post anything. My advise is keep your marriage issues out of the media. Every marriage has its ups and downs.
  • adaanthoneth@addannayaI’m sorry but you sound dumb!! Have you ever heard of the term “defense mechanism” she lied because she tried to protect her home!!! Don’t you ever tell me you’ve never covered your husband or your dad up!!!!!! And she can put her life story on social media abi is it your life????? You are judging her past behaviors so you tryna say you’ve Always been Mrs Goody two shoes all your life abi madam 😑
  • aduks27@addannaya@addannaya further more?! Why would you said she lied?? Because she was happy then and put it on social media and they guy changed and because this terrible person she has no clue about and you want to blame her🙊let me ask you a question? You haven’t dated someone you thought was perfect and later found out he’s a beast or even with friends, when you trusted them and could fight and vouch for them but they later become this horrible souls??? My dear, people pretend and people change even the best of them!you can’t in ANYWAY blame them for trusting!!!! She wouldn’t know he will turn out this way and have a child for him!!! Controversial or NOT, he beat her and didn’t ask for that and it’s unacceptable in every way!!! So because she praised him on social media now, she can’t speak up when he does wrong??? Wow!!! We women tho?! I repeat; we are each other’s downfall! A FEMINIST will NEVER speak this way! The fact he even beat her, as made ALL her wrong right and that’s enough excuse!!!!
  • aduks27*say
  • datwarri_girl@rosymeurerif @bigchurchhaven bought that car for you or contributed To ur car, then u will incure the wrath of God, @rosymeurer u will die in dat car, u will have a terrible accident and loose ur legs ,,, God will punish u, that car will bring u sorrow, u will never know peace in life @bigchurchhaven will beat u up until he kills u with his bare hands, after he may have infected u with HIV/AIDS ., Amen 🙏
  • misskendra_willifred@addannayawell am not afraid if such a thing comes to me… Because I my self have faced a domestic violence 😊 tackle with your fear cause you know am telling you the truth even if u misunderstood me😊you seem to trust men so much😂bye!
  • stv@addannayaare u married? U think it’s maturity that saves marriage? No matter the madness involved in a marriage, if u know anything about it u will know that u are to praise n say good things about ur spouse outside even if u see all manner of evil at home. That is the duty of both spouses. But being human there’s only so much ur physical body can take that will kill ur spirit which will force u to come out in the open. I ask again, are u married? Have u been struck shamelessly by a Man U carried a child for for nine months? Have u untop of that had a feeling that the same man is cheating on u. Listen, I’m a man and am not a Tonto fan, never have, never will be. Not a fan of any actress or actor except Mr. Ibu, Aki and Pawpaw because they make me laff but for a man to hit a womanhood carried his child? Whom he swore to protect in the presence of God? My dear no matter how much drama tonto can act, it doesn’t deserve any such negative treatment. U swallow so much in marriage. All u ladies who have ordinary boyfriends cheating on u, we know how u feel, speak more of a Man U shared ur body, money, heart, soul, blood and even ur womb with. My dear did u not see the wounds on her legs? Was that make up? No man should hit a random woman speak more of his wife. It’s like u don’t like ur face abi? Good men swallow the bullshit their wive give them because that wife is the only one woman in the world who can or will be permitted to do that. Just her! If we can’t take bshit from that one woman we don’t know Christ! Christ took not one but all our crap to the cross. So again, I ask u, are u married???
  • dankoko2Some people’s comments sha. Naija…we are just so conservative.
  • datwarri_girl@rosymeurerand if you block me, it means u are guilty, and u are a prostitute, a home breaker , a bleached up whore ,, useless girl @rosymeurer
  • datwarri_girlHow can someone disable comments from her almost 600 posts ??
  • addannaya@still.stvdid u read anywhere in my comments that I support him beating her? It’s obvious some of u read without comprehension. And I’m not gonna answer that your stupid question. Being married or not has nothing to do with this.
  • addannaya@misskendra_willifredtrust men ke? Are u sure you’re OK? Just listen to yourself. Sorry about your past experience. I hope u learn your lessons from it.
  • olufunso__Wow! May God heal her
  • misskendra_willifred@addannayayes am stupid when it comes to domestic violence..cause I can never comprehend any nagative comment from people like you.. Even if you are right it will will always sound wrong to me 😡 because you 29 and still unmarried will always make you a magu in the hand Of men. Keep waiting for your boyfriends side of the story aunty @addannaya
  • addannaya@misskendra_willifredhow do u know I’m unmarried? U see your life? 😂😂😂…I’ve never and will never be a Mugu in anybody’s hands by God’s grace. Could this be the reason why you’ve been a victim before? You sound so uncultured and mannerless. Dem no even beat u well sef.
  • misskendra_willifred@addannayayes I learnt my lesson thats wAy it sound stupid when you say you waiting for the mans side of the story. What else is left to hear after she proved it. Or you waiting to hear that Tonto was at fault? Even if she it give no man the right to lay a finger on the mother of this child… Your opinion was just not necessarily.. Aunty @adannaya
  • summernkem@addannayathat dem no beat you well statement clearly shows how mannerless you are really, you see your life you just contradicted yourself you clearly support domestic violence with that statement!!!
  • summernkem@misskendra_willifredlet the married woman be lol you have better things to do my dear
  • cmedy_d_beat_maker@_firstlady15my dear thanks the truth is that i don’t want to no who wrong each other it doesn’t really matter and it won’t take us any were if we start making judgment for the both.. All i want for them is a happy home and smiling victory on their facexx.. Marriage Is a long journey ..this one is just d first step… All i no is that prayer is the key..God is not blind
  • stv@misskendra_willifredit’s funny how these people think! Like they’ve never done one wrong thing in life. Karma remains that bitch no one ever wants to sleep with but somehow she comes for all of us but the beauty of it all is that we have Christ to take care of us once she has dealt with us and Christ will never leave us! How people will confine such nonsense, even some ladies here, is shocking. In my opinion every and any gal who support this nonsense or has anything to say against her is either single, stupid or entire dumb and has no knowledge about relationships speak more about marriage or womanhood! A taste would probably be good for them then after the battering we can see if the will not be forced to speak out. If I don’t feel good about a marriage I won’t get in. For u to get in u were filled with joy hence her saying wonderful things about the man. If the guy does a James Bond move on u afterwards what will u do? Commit suicide? No! U pray and hope for the best. But u won’t die there naaa!??? These gals taking sides are so lame! Smh? That’s why naija gals sometimes de tire me, all they know is makeup and to buy clothes and bend their legs whilst taking 1 million pictures but their skull is empty, no brain..common sense – nil, thinking faculty – Zero! I just tire!
  • cmedy_d_beat_makermy people thanks the truth is that i don’t want to no who wrong each other it doesn’t really matter and it won’t take us any were if we start making judgment for the both.. All i want for them is a happy home and smiling victory on their facexx.. Marriage Is a long journey ..this one is just d first step… All i no is that prayer is the key..God is not blind
  • spicyhelly@misskendra_willifred, am glad there are still women who understand the meaning of physical and emotional abuse, its even more painful wen u have decided to give ur all 4 dsame man. i dont imagine wats she is going through, i knw wats she is passing tru bcos i hv been in dat shoe, all i can say is for her to be strong for her son and herself. Its not the end of the world.
  • ifoundmydeizyTonto, tonto, tonto, she portrayed her husband to be the best man in the world on Instagram. Claiming all sorts of to make us think he was the perfect husband. 1 year after…… God help us o
  • misskendra_willifred@summernkemthat girl got me so mad with that comment.. In fact I can attack her till she clearly receive sense which am sure she already did..
  • mee_sii@still.stvYou’ve said it all. if you can’t take the crap of the woman you called your wife, why take her to the altar? God help us all tho…..
  • juniordestinyGo and sit down,nah karma dey flog you like this!!!
  • senyoamaAm so sorry dear
  • juniordestinyE never even start
  • spicyhelly@rosymeurerdisabled all comments on her post, but i dont get it ladies, blowing off another ladies light will neva make urs shine brighter. I dont knw hw one can engage in a relationship that is breaking and tearing a home apart, no consceince nothing.
  • summernkem@juniordestinykarma that she did what exactly!!!!! Since you know karma so well Biko gist us 😑😑😑😑😑
  • stv@addannayahow ur foolishness, immaturity and stupidity eludes u is bewildering. Comprehension of your unintelligent comments is a waste of time. U directly implied if u even understand that u did that she lied about her marriage. Excuse my French but who d fcuk are you to say she lied like she owes u a detailed home video about the story of her marriage? Believe her or not, she’s been battered and if ur empty skull can’t see the danger and shame in that as a woman, u should feel miserable with urself. Presenting ur man as slur king is ur duty even when u depreciates to an mere man. But when he depreciates to a raw cannibal or cave man hitting u and causing wounds on your skin na d continues, u fcuking run and pray for him from your wilderness! U don’t stay there and keep praising him. @aduks27 and
  • hilda8225@spicyhelly@bigChurchill also disabled most of his comments on his post.
  • stv@praize_idplease ask her again if she married. What kI be of psycho is she????
  • misskendra_willifred@juniordestinyKarma teacher👨‍🏫
  • ammy_beddings@tontoletGod bless your soul…..what a world we live in……thanks for coming out to public this will definitely help a lotta pple…..
  • phat06516This is why I have a policy. If my boyfriend ever lay his hand on me, ONE TIME, & ONLY ONE TIME, IT’S OVER.
  • praize_id@ifoundmydeizyohhhh, that was why bitches like u want to taste the honeypot abi, don’t worry, tell that ur sister @rosymeurer that she will soon drink the bitter pills too.
  • addannaya@misskendra_willifredsee this one. Keep attacking na. You’re the one raining all manner of curses on me and you’re the one getting mad. This Tonto u want to kill yourself over, wasn’t she aware her husband was married before? Did she even do her proper investigation to know why his first marriage didn’t work out? She just needed to settle down so bad. A woman beater never changes so people need to look before they leap. I’m a realist, I say things the way they are, I don’t allow sentiment cloud my emotions.
  • ogesassyWhy are people only insulting the rosy girl, what about the Churchill man.
  • misskendra_willifred@addannaya😂you are married? Well i advice you delete all your single photo on Instagram with no ring in that smelling fingers of yours😂ok! Maybe you are not sure of the guy thats why you are waiting to hear his ex side of the story before you let us know. Oh i forgot you are in the age of praying for husband 😂come you better dont start what you cant finish. Married woman!!!
  • ifoundmydeizy@praize_idexcuse me! Y are u taking Panadol on someone else’s headache everyone has a right to their opinion. I didn’t tag u in my post and u have no right to call me a bitch
  • eseosaSeriously it breaks my heart to see ladies cry so hard because of men. Tonto was wrong at first for covering up for her husband. I knew it from the beginning that she’s pretending and lying about her marriage,i confronted her then but she blocked me and now the truth is out. I don’t blame her cos I understand how it feels to love a man so much that you’ve to portray him to be good so that the society will accept him but we have to understand that we’re not leaving our lives for society, cos the society doesn’t feel the pain with you, you feel it yourself so why endure it because of society???? Ladies please understands that you don’t have to endure any pain for any man. No man is worth it. I hate men that abuses women…
  • im_miss__j@juniordestiny.. Pls explain what karma is? Olodo
  • eseosa@still.stvthumbs up for this
  • lushluxuryhairPls everyone shld leave karma out of this.
  • jeffcollins_05@ogesassyChurchill is enjoying his life u are guys are here talking
  • addannaya@still.stvcurse me all u like, I still maintain my stand that she started lying to herself from the beginning. I’m not supporting and will never support domestic violence. This man was married before, social media even exposed his first wedding and I saw it. Now she’s also saying she wasn’t aware of his first marriage. Oh come on! That’s a fat lie! Did she take time to find out if the first marriage failed because of domestic violence? Or she just needed to settle down so bad and didn’t do her assignment? I’ve got a proposal from a man who had been married thrice before and I didn’t even waste time saying no because something is obviously wrong with him. Women shouldn’t walk into self destruction with their eyes wide open just because they need to get married. U keep emphasising whether I’m married or not. Are there no single relationship advicers all around the world? I don’t know what your problem is with my marriage status.
  • misskendra_willifred@addannayait seems you are afraid of heart break. Thats why you went down praying not to fall mugu in any mans hand…i was really right when I said you are the type that will commit suicide when you experience what Tonto experienced. Well am not ashamed to say am a victim of domestic violence because it made me the strong woman I am today😜I hope you learn from your mistakes.. Oya bye bye👋is 2:18pm in Dubai.
  • aduks27@still.stveducate the nuisance please! Well said 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • eseosa@juniordestinyyou’re so stupid for mentioning karma. A big fool. I don’t insult people but what you just said you deserve more than an insult. I pray your sister and daughter goes through what Tonto is going through for you to understand better
  • smilo_bash@addannayaur comment aren’t bad in any form just dat people won’t read and understand d content of ur comment, domestic violence is bad but I see dis video as a negative vice to young struggling marriages and to single ladies who wish to get married soonest… No marriage is perfect but how maturedly u handle ur marital affairs dats wat will make ur marriage look perfect, some of d words she said are lies, she uses uber I thought last month she said d car was bought by her not her husband, d stories looked cooked up and also tarnishing d image of d husband is also bad..cos it will affect her son in future @tontolet u r a Christian like u said so act like one
  • addannaya@smilo_bashat least someone understands me. How do I believe someone who’s always lying? Once u tell the first lie, u keep lying to cover all other lies. People just want to tag and insult without grasping what one says first. I tire oh
  • datyorubadguyAll those that always says she should go and work the marriage out. Abeg does she still need the marriage ?🙄🙄
  • misskendra_willifred@addannayayes I needed to make you laugh after our fight 😊Cause my mum though me to always end a fight with laughter😊stay blessed dear😘
  • laveevaA married man dat can have a secret relationship with u without his wife knowing at least for a while does so bcos he is good at cheating. Now, I pity ladies who feel they are comfortable with sleeping with a married man for men or material things. Two things are involved when the wife finds out. It’s either she breaks up the marriage or comes at you. As a girl, if ur prayer is for a married man to leave his wife for you, trust me, there is every possibility that your prayer would be answered. But be rest assured, he’ll leave u for someone else too when he is tired of you. We are the architect of most of our problems. Most girls these days see nothing wrong in having affairs with married men….. However, when they get married, they see everything wrong in their husband cheating. I wonder how that works. Tonto’s story is a lesson. No one has the right to throw shades.
  • hardohressGod is your strength dear
  • rosemarydarasimiI can feel ur pain, may God be your strength
  • insta_glosTonto, they’re not in love. New thing dey shack –@tontolet be patient
  • juniordestiny@barr.eseosasmall ashawo suppporting the big one👍🏿
  • allurebyshiozieSo sad💔
  • eseosa@addannayaplease aunty you’re a woman for crying out loud. Stop this hate. I’m not a fan of Tonto. In short she blocked me when she just got married cos I told her she was lying about the man since then I hated her but after seeing this video it breaks my heart to see her cry because of her husband. Pray never to experience any emotional pain caused by a man talkless of physical abuse. I have never been beaten by any man or been assaulted but I can feel her pain just from the video. Hate doesn’t pay learn to encourage other women with love
  • ace_kemo@smilo_bashand when she dies in his hands. You’d be the first to say Rip right.
  • addannaya@barr.eseosaI am not hating on her. Why would I? U sef u have busy body for going to her page to drop such comments 😂😂…but truth be told, I’m not hating on her. What started this whole argument was that I said I find it hard to believe anything she says. How’s that hate? Or don’t I have the right to believe or not believe something again? Abeg u people should not kill me today. My battery iyaff die. Lemme charge it 👋
  • praize_id@smilo_bashbroda, she has been going through this for long and still find away to cover it up by lieing to those young and aspiring single people that marriage is a bed of roses by lieing to protect her husband and her marriage. But the point is that, no matter the amount of love she gave, she was rewarded with domestic violence. This video was made bcos people like u were already saying trash abh her and making her look like the devil.
  • praize_id@ifoundmydeizythat’s bcos it’s hurt wen ladies try to put others down without trying to put themselves in the shoes.
  • stellayankee.very sad
  • seppymass@addannayamy sister you deserve 1million likes on that comment… When people are saying that’s when you find out all about your partners background before you say I do…. My dear you are right I support u 100% how comes she dint bother to find out how her husband’s 1st marriage ended…. I always have a feeling that it was his millions, his title in the society and all that this lady settled for am sorry to say but it’s how I feel, I stand to be corrected if am… Truth be told I feel bad for what happened to her but she should have done some investigations before saying I DO
  • kyngsamKarma is cruel ain’t it?. That’s why it infuriates me when some ladies choose to have relationships with married men, casual or otherwise, it will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the butt…You cannot consciously bring down and defile the institution of marriage and expect to have a happy and lasting home yourself, if you don’t suffer it, your children definitely will.
  • cocopromiseWhen Tonto got married… sum1 said to me, this marriage wldnt last bcos the guy she’s getting married to is a scam and a woman beater… I shut him up for saying sumfin so irrational… but we’ll I guess he was right
  • prettymeggyyCan you see through this woman’s heart?can you feel her pain??May God console and comfort you dear ..OMG
  • taiwo_thorpeNawa oooo choiiiiiiii ,@moyesky0312 @kenny__thorpe@teebaibe God should save us from men who use just use human skin cover body 😥
  • prettymeggyyAny lady who speaks bad of Tonto as concerning this post will experience worse than this in your marriage,ahn ahn why can’t we ladies support and encourage others …you don’t know the number of battles she has fought before she decided to back out…😠😠😠
  • vjpambriggsIf this is true then it is so sad …. sigh.
  • asylum_plus@barr.eseosaGoing by your first comment… I think tonto dikeh never did all what she did just because she wanted to please the society but she did it for the undying love she have for her husband, she did it again all because she wants to secure her marriage thinking that one day her husband will turn a new live…. It serves as a serious warning to all them women going through the same stress, now she narrated what she passed through in her marriage just to let them know that no man is worth dieing for regardless of all the sacrifices she made just to secure her marriage and see if things gon take a good shape in the future. I will never blame her for her actions cos she did the right. Truly no man is worth dieing for. Please ladies don’t trade your life with marriage, if you have tried your possible best to make your marriage work out but yet it’s not yielding positive results, please take a bold step and work out of the marriage. No man or marriage is worth dieing for. Oh! How I wish I can reverse the universe back to our forefather’s days.!
  • ferrarinielTonto Dikeh am sure u av slept with someone else husband before, it’s a karma so deal with it..
  • bussiedaveIf you have never walk in her shoes don’t judge her
  • louismohTonto is drama on her own, I bet only a few men like me will not beat someone like her🏃🏃🏃🏃
  • life_of_loladei don’t pity her one bit…u destroyed other women’s homes by having affair with their husband and expect your own marriage to be filled with milk and honey…sorry boo life doesn’t work that way…she should get her shit together, ask for God’s forgiveness and preach against what got her here in the first place which is the love of riches, fame and lies
  • asylum_plusWTF! You hit her because she’s your wife, you hit her in every slightest mistake just because you paid her bride price, you hit her every now and then just because she can’t defend herself, you continue hitting her because you feel she’s a woman and she can’t do nothing, you hit her because she’s weaker than you… Bro let me tell you this…. You are a dignified coward…
  • ashleymawu@mizz_rayah@maylibell2020come and see oo😫😫
  • king_iphyy@life_of_loladecan you prove what you just typed??
  • ndife34@bussiedavedon’t mind them
  • sussynexPls if u don’t have anything reasonable to contribute here don’t speak pls… Someone is broken and you pple ‘re there saying what u don’t know. Who God judge?
  • mzkerry1Some people can never be pleased. She shows you evidence and you say she must’ve slept with someone’s husband….Receive brain. Hugs to Tonto cos I saw the positive change in her after her marriage. Domestic Violence is unacceptable .
  • belyke@nuellapaulsonmehnn she went tru hell.. d marriage stuff tho.. God help his own
  • adabebe_Just noticed dat the flirt@rosymeurer just turned off commenting on all her pictures here in instagram after @instablog9ja posted this @tontolet video .. @rosymeurer ur nothing but a prostitute , Husband snatcher ! Mark my words “KARMA awaits you ” it sure would do wat it knows hw to do best !! Fool !
  • zskrillaDis nah Entertainment@ceodca
  • prettybea@addannayai go with ur words jaree let her take several sit she fooled herself from d start now she wnt d whole world to sympathize with her #mtcheeew
  • rasheedneptune..u don’t tell ur problems to the world
  • trendyarenaChurchill’s ex wife will be ROTFL right now. Lol

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  1. *heavy sigh*

    God has mercy on whom He will, she'll be fine.


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