Orode Uduaghan reveals how her breasts escaped being cut off

This is a piece of good news coming from Orode, daughter of former Delta State governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan.
The divorced mother of two took to Instagram today and shared a testimony of how she escaped double mastectomy.
Recall that her four-year-old marriage to Ryan crashed irretrievably in 2016.

Quite emotional in her approach, its obvious Orode, who runs a big restaurant in Lagos is religious and leans more on God, now that her marriage to Ryan Okpu is over.
She wrote:

“Testimony Tuesday: #SilentBattles I usually never write about happenings in my life but today this might be both a blessing and a lesson. I was due for a Double Mastectomy (Angelina Jolie style) due to multiple reoccurring breast lumps, hence @pinkpearlfoundation. ⏩I went to the Dr’s 2 weeks ago after running away for so long, now during my 40 days fast with @eleuthera_426 and 21days with Winners Chapel, Masterlife class, etc my prayer point was that i’ll get there and no single lump will be found, I held on to this with so much faith that I already started practising what i’ll say as soon as they do the ultrasound and find no lump. I got to the hospital met the Dr she did a quick manual check and said this feels much better than last year I said Yes God has done it, I got to the ultrasound room so anxious hands shaking waiting for the miracle “the way I wanted it” she placed it on my breast and said wow thats different, my heart dropped I said God this was not the plan, she finished the scan and said there is a new swollen node under your right armpit I began to cry in my heart (dramatic) they did a quick FNA right there and said I should wait 20mins. I picked my phone and started to message my sister, I said Yvonne what is God doing here, I prayed, fasted, this is too much I don’t understand, I was supposed to give a testimony, she started encouraging me, sending me scriptures, I was really broken. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a message I sent to my friends that morning, God does not always give you answers the way you expect them, but, He will never forsake you, as the spirit was prompting me I was still saying No, God how can this is not fair. Result came out Dr said Orode it was negative, the first thing I felt was “stupid” then she said We would not do the surgery again, I said why she said the lumps are clinically better, you can keep your breast. God said to me would you like to say something, I said “I am Sorry” “I repent”. Sometimes God never answers us the way we want and that makes us question Him but if you sit back and analyze you will see He has answered and has always been in His own Way.❤OU#trust #faith#prayer📸@thetribelagos.” (sic)
Congrats to her.


  1. Beeni oh @ sweetheart. I click to her faith too. Congrat

  2. this testimony has really encouraged me. God is at work. He will surely show up for me too.

  3. U idiot, u never question God. Everything that happens in ones life should be taken with full submission as the will of the Almighty and He does not make mistakes. Gods answers to prayers can be delayed but can never be forsaken. Now or later one has to acknowledge the fact that its all a test to see how you will react when its in your favour or not. Prayers answered and you thank Him for a short while and completely forget He exist. Prayers not answered on time and you forsake Him and question if He exist or why He refused after all you have done. After that hell of a sin and when He answers, you bury your head in shame cos the Devil has taken control of any patience and compassion within your mind. Please remember, as long as you pray, its automatically answered even if not in your favour. Gods will always be in the best interest of His creations.


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