Only God could have done this! Rescued from death twice

For the newbies, the every Sunday KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others. 
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Read today's testimony below as sent in by a KFBer:
God rescued me from the spirit of death twice in two days.
Please, praise God with me!
I want to dance to His praise. How would I dance  it?
I want to talk about it. But words fail me.
God is God and there is no one else!
I thank God that I went to join other believers  to worship the Lord of lords and the  King of kings.
For some time I kept on wondering if the grace in the service had not been extended to me where would I have been?
In one of the Holy Ghost services of 2016, I was privileged to be present
After the service, I decided to travel to Ede in Osun state of Nigeria for one or two things.
At  Ogere, the vehicle I was traveling in was involved in a fatal accident.  And it claimed 8 lives.
See the devil. Why this after going before the Lord that he, the devil waged  his war.?
Fear gripped me'.
Little did I know that the raging  was still coming against me.
However, glory to the Lord of lords and the Kings of kings God rescued me
On my way back from Ede the following  day,another fatal accident  occurred .
This one also claimed the lives of four of the passengers.
It was terrible. Two accidents  in a roll within two days. Now I was terribly shaken.
'Why is the raging  so fierce?' I asked myself.
Foe some time, I was scared of travelling.
Today, I praised the  Lord Who reached me from the hand of spirit of accident.
Not only that, HE removed my fears.
His  mercy is from everlasting .
In His hand is the power to kill and to make alive.
HE just delivered me so that I can dance my dance to HIM . And to sing my song to Him too.
God is worthy to be praised


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