Nigerian Woman welcomes Quadruplets in London Hospital after facing rejection in America

A Nigerian mum, identified as Priscillia is currently held in the UK after she gave birth to quadruplets and couldn’t afford the hospital bill which is presently more than £500,000.

According to Mirror UK, Priscillia went into labour during her connecting flight back to Nigeria in November. She was rushed to the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in West London, and it was there she gave birth to her quadruplets.
Two of the babies didn’t survive. However, the 43-year-old mum can’t afford the bill the hospital gave, and it was then she revealed that she travelled to Chicago to have her children because Nigerian hospitals do not have the “facilities to cater for the children”, but the US hospital turned her away when she couldn’t provide proof to show she can afford the medical bill.


Now, the Nigerian mum and her two babies are sheltered at a hostel run by a charity organisation. Her husband can’t pay them a visit because he can’t afford money for a visa or flight. “I didn’t plan to come here,” Priscillia told the London hospital visitor manager. “It’s only money. Money can’t buy life.

The last bill I had was £331,000 but – even if I worked every day – I would never earn that much money. My kids are priceless.” Priscillia and her babies are still in the UK.


  1. How did she get to the US???

    "Nigerian hospitals do not have the facilities to cater for the children" and you left for the US. Now you can't afford the bills, where's the sense in that please??? I doubt if any Nigerian will raise a finger to help you as you did not cut your coat according to your clothe AT ALL!

  2. When will Nigerians learn that some things you don't have to force .


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