These pictures are proof Rice and stew is Jollof’s senior brother

Get ready to droooooool!
See how ponmo is dancing Makossa beside all that rice.

2. No, really, look at this beauty.

3. Jollof needs to fall back.

4. Because white rice has been killing the game since 1728.

5. Check out this IJGB rice and stew.

6. This rice paved the way for all the other rice dishes in the whole world.

7. Big things come in big sizes.

8. Are you missing your mummy’s white rice and stew already?

9. This ofada is just food of the elders.

Source: Zikoko


honey pointer said...

This is called designer rice.
Kemi why did you bring down the bridal post?

omolara ajike said...

Hmmmm, this shows that kemmy you too like food niyen oh. I love the first picture

Sparkling Golden Teeth said...

Kemi y do us so?

Mimi Love said...

White rice and stew is the best.Like the pictures am seeing above.

Mimi Love said...

White rice and stew is the best.Like the pictures am seeing above.

Debola said...

Hahahaha...@ponmo dancing makossa...lool

ify onyekwelu said...

Really drooling ooooo!
Watching one's weight not an easy something ooooo!
Kemi abeg easy with the temptation abeg!
Loooooooooovely looking meals!

Ayodele ogunniyi said...

U try Kemi. So making rice n dry fish with kpomo tomorrow.

Highness Gwen said...

I hate the sight of boiled egg in stew arrrggghhh!

Sweetheart said...

Rice+plantain.. My favorite!

nike ola said...

You can have it on your cheat day...lol

nike ola said...

Prada rice is all I want now... chai

Francisca Samuel said...

Kemi, Kemi, Kemi, continue!

Olajumoke Aribike said...

Wow! mouth watering....
Thanks Kemi.

Olajumoke Aribike said...


Bukola Anjorin said...

Hahahahaha... Afi Ofada for the elders naa. Be making somebody hungry o. Kontinu

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