KFB Movie review: Rita Dominic and Ramsey Noah's 76 is about Love and Sacrifice, not War and Gore

"76" Nollywood movie

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StarringRamsey Noah, Rita Dominic, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Chidi Mokeme.


"76" is a meticulously detailed Nigerian historical fiction drama about a young soldier accused of complicity in the abortive coup of 1976, and his pregnant wife who helps him prove his innocence.

The Story Is Told From Two Points Of View: That Of A Young Pregnant Woman, And That Of Her Husband, A Soldier Accused Of Being Involved In The 1976 Military Coup And Assassination Of General Murtala Mohammed, The Head-Of-State Of Nigeria.

The movie is set six years after the civil war and follows the story of Captain Joseph Dewa (Ramsay Nouah) from the middle belt, who gets into a relationship with Suzy (Rita Dominic) a young O-Level student from the Southeastern part of Nigeria. Due to ethnic differences, he is despised by her family and unable to pay her bride price and officially become her husband.

Now heavily pregnant, the couple is awaiting the birth of their first child when plans of a coup and a botched coup attempt change their lives. Dewa resists the pressure to assist in the assassination of the Head of State alongside four other top officials. When the coup fails, Dewa is arrested in a clampdown that follows the botched coup. His questionable ties to the coup make his release impossible. Suzy, who has just put to bed, sets out to prove Dewa's innocence as he is faced with the possibility of death by firing squad.

Cast: Nouah as Captain Dewa, delivers one of the best performances of the year. Rita Dominic as Suzy is refreshing. Her interpretation of the character brings sincere emotions  to the movie. She doesn't falter in bringing the plight of a Soldier's wife to life on screen. Chidi Mokeme as Major Gosmos is extraordinary. Without trying too hard, Mokeme delivers as a participant in the February 13, 1976, abortive military coup. Daniel K Daniel as Corporal Obi, Ibinabo Fiberesima as Angel, Adonai Owiriwa as Captain V. M. Jaiye; Pat Nebo as Colonel Aliu; Nelly Ekwereogu as Ikenna; Shuaibu Ebenesi Adams as Lieutenant Jubril and Debo Oguns as Noel are all ideal and pleasurably bring their characters to life.

 Verdict: Fantastic and Ultra authentic! The producers of '76' really went all out to achieve a level of authenticity never before seen in Nollywood.

But that's not all '76' brings to the table. It comes hard, with a thrilling edge of your seat narrative you can't help but fall in love with; at least in it's first half. The second half is much slower, but remains enjoyable enough.

Technically, the film is beautifully captured, pays a lot of attention to details and the musical score carries the film along and matches the visuals.

It is without doubt one of the best movies of 2016, and definitely a 2017 award contender.

In an era where History is gradually being blotted out, it is important that events like that of 1976 are remembered.

PS: "76" is not entirely a movie about the 1976 coup. This is a movie about Love and Sacrifice, not War and Gore.


  1. The next movie will be 2016.Nollywood and their movie titles eh

  2. Thanks a bunch for the review Kemisola.

  3. Please see it oh ....I did last week and I enjoyed every scene.....Then try for this one..


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