Yoruba man and Igbo woman: All the details on the Cool FM’s Freeze and Dotun’s Instagram banter

One line struck a nerve, “Why do I have to answer to questions of ‘What is wrong with Freeze’?” It is crystal clear, this colleague is fed up. Just as fed up as most of us, really!
Freeze and Dotun are on-air personalities at the same radio station, Cool FM. It’s safe to say that Dotun knows Daddy Freeze on a more personal level than the rest of us, at least they have a working relationship. So, if Dotun took it upon himself to publicly call Freeze out for belittling Yoruba women, then he must have good reasons. But no, we’re not taking sides.

A certain Chiekezi Dozie shared his opinion thus: “If you are Yoruba and you are male, and you want to be successful in life, marry an Igbo woman.” Totally his opinion!
Freeze who is infamous for weighing on issues [and his largely unpopular opinion] decided to elaborate on the topic by “kinda agreeing” and exalting Igbo ladies far above their Yoruba counterparts and as is typical of Freeze, he didn’t exactly use the nicest words. But hey, he explicitly said all he knows of Yoruba girls is from his “little” experience.

He said "I kinda agree...especially since I am Yoruba myself...From my 'little' experience, gathered during my university days and early bachelorhood and with body count on both sides, (before I gave my life to Christ), I can, through my own experience, say that Igbo girls are so much cleaner, more respectful, value marriage more, less argumentative and problematic, treat husbands better, are more beautiful, have sexier bodies, are more family oriented, cook better and are much more enterprising than Yoruba ladies. Unfortunately, I have never dated a Hausa, Fulani, Efik or Kalabari woman so I can't comment on those. But if I were to pick between Yoruba and Igbo women, Na Igbo all the way o! Igbo kwenu!  It's not fight o, if you agree tell me why, and if you disagree let's disagree amicably, as your experience could have been totally different from mine. " 
But Dotun came to the rescue of the Yoruba female folk and we learnt a few things from his response: that Daddy Freeze’s article was classless; the man is going out of line and losing focus; he’s either a sycophant or a selfish man; and yes, he puts the people close to him in awkward positions when they have to defend him every other time.

He wrote "This isn't out of any classification of words or belief but out of something I utterly see as a Lil disrespectful and out of context. I'll address it. @daddyfreeze I have known you for a few years right from the days of seemingly finding my feet in broadcasting to this very day of God's lift and I have never exchanged my standard with bringing you down but THIS! your piece about YORUBA WOMEN is absolutely classless. I have been your cheerleader from day 1, called u tonnes of times on the things you write about especially when it is out of line just to hear your side but THIS!! Haba!
You have a daughter and sister like I do that are YORUBA. Are yours unclean, disrespectful, are they failing in their marriage, argues a lot, don't treat their husband better, not beautiful, problematic, not sexy; ?????? Opinions are ultimately determined by feelings or personal experiences and not by the intellect. It still does not mean what isn't good for the goose can't be good for the gander.
Freeze you are going out of line and losing focus and it affects a few of us that look up to you. Write your piece and enjoy it but don't disregard our positions as brothers, dads, husbands to YORUBA women. If yours wasn't good doesn't mean ours won't be especially when it isn't in your place to generalize. You will say it's your opinion, well this is mine too.
Galatians 1:10 - For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
You are great at what you do but stop pleasing this people or maybe yourself cos it's a Lil selfish and puts all of us in the most awkward position. Why do I have to answer to questions of "what is wrong with freeze" .. well, I don't know about what is wrong with you, I just know something is wrong with your piece about YORUBA WOMEN. Take care and have a blessed Sunday. I am HUMAN #AllTribeRock #iLLEGAL

Just when we were applauding Dotun, Freeze returned with a comeback. Started on a philosophical note, then went ahead to defend his opinion and mildly stated that Dotun might be searching for trouble where it didn’t exist.

"Dear @do2dtun, I just saw your write up and I must say, it did come across as somewhat disrespectful. However, like you clearly pointed out, we come a long way & the respect is mutual.
Let me start first by defining a cognitive bias called the 'Negativity bias' Where people tend to pay more attention to bad news — and it's not just because we're morbid. Social scientists theorize that it's on account of our selective attention and that, given the choice, we perceive negative news as being more important or profound.....
I didn't in anyway say yoruba girls are dirty or disrespectful, I only said Igbo girls are cleaner & more respectful. If you didn't have this Negativity bias against me, you probably won't see the argument from the angle you did. If I say that Bill Gates is richer than Dangote, have I in anyway said Dangote was poor? Hell NO!
We ask for freedom of speech and democracy, but we can never achieve either, if every opinion shared is turned into a 'hate' statement or a 'racial slur'.
I opened up a discussion after a post I saw on Chiekezi Dozie's page, discussing the same thing my neighbors were arguing about all afternoon, and I asked for contributions, which I am sure you could have done a little less dramatically, but hey, I guess you were upset. In my write up, I clearly stated that my opinion is based on my university and young bachelorhood experiences. I cannot undo my past and I cannot 'Un-live' my experiences, if I had an opportunity to, maybe I could be of a different opinion, but you can't unring a bell, they say.
For the sake of those who missed my initial point, here it is again, when viewing a situation, lets be objective because sometimes we bring out trouble that was never there in the first place.
One love bro!

Trust that the drama has escalated and at this point, we do not know who the management of Cool FM will be firing tomorrow morning. It’s obvious that there’s beef between the two colleagues and one (you know who) cannot continue to pretend that all is well.

Before you start thinking that they had reached curtain call, Dotun went back to Instagram sha. This time, he took it to the streets. He called Freeze’s defense stupid and unrealistic and ends with “who you epp?”. Well, this we agree with.

 "We don't eat from banters. Na food be that?
Ko kan aiye mehn! There are so many things we haven't seen in our lifetime that we still pray to God to give us, we don't find them in stereotypical statements, comments or opinions. It's in the BANK. The word "it is my opinion" has been the most overused line in this day and age. Someone wants to defend something that is clearly stupid, unrealistic then it is allowed. Every man should have a boundary and if we must say all the things on our mind, na die be that. You are not what you write, you are what you do. When someone represents all of us and decides to lose the ball every time then you will know what I mean. Let's all demonstrate what's possible, create leaders and not followers. Aiye! kan lo wa .... am I allowed to say this is my opinion too. Honestly, nobody cares! ... pls who you epp? You don baff? 😂 No time. #DemonsOfAllTribeMatter

Freeze has gone private on Instagram and it looks like Dotun is having the last laugh, but we know this is not the last of this banter. We wait!


  1. It is abt d pple arnd you, like I do hear that Edo pple are neat the ones have meet are dirty just a single 1 is neat

  2. Freeze ehhhhh...can he just shut up????? His opinion sha.

    I don't believe in attributing a particular character to a people, race, oe religion. It doesn't matter how many people you've come across, one shouldn't generalize.

  3. That freezer is a very stupid somebody!
    What he wrote was absolutely rubbish!
    In trying to shade his ex-wife,he foolishly put all yoruba women in shame,how low of him!
    I'm with Dotun on this!

  4. God bless u Dotun or dis great message we all know that freeze or freezer is a bastard who like to run his mouth anyhow a great disappointment to his Yoruba folks lousy just like his father. He shld take his frustration else where. Imbecile

  5. Dotun nailed this.

  6. dotun is so fishbrained and stupid. freeze made sense all the way yoruba girls are ugly, dirty and stupid

    1. Just like your mother right.

    2. Very stupid if you saying that. Idot igbo

    3. Two tablespoons of honey..just two! You'll be fine!


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