Viral photo of a toddler with fresh tribal marks sparks nationwide outrage

One Aishat Alubankudi shared this on Facebook a while ago and the photo has since gone viral, oh my God!
Let's say you traveled and left your wife's mother in-law at home, by the time you came back you met your first son like this.
My brother and my dear sister what would you do?


  1. This is an Abuse. So heartbreaKing. The culprits must be arrested and charge with child abuse. This is violent and criminal in nature, how can a stupid person inflict such pain on an innocent child? Crazy people.

  2. How can someone comfortably tear a baby's face😢 howwwww??? Danm

  3. Are you for real?Why naww,hw can adults inflict pain on such an innocent child all in the name of culture?!?!

  4. WTF? OMG! Who did this? The person must be arrested. Gosh, to your question, the person would be arrested first of all, but my sister it is better imagined!

  5. No!! this is not funny..
    Who is this heartless

  6. The people behind this should be arrested!

  7. They gonna pay for it in full. I promises

  8. What nonsense.....only God knows what I will do shall...cus ....hummm

  9. Omg! This is sheer wickedness..poor child. Tribal marks in the 21st century?? Oga o!

  10. WHAT? This is madness! In 2016? I am crying for the child. Na wa!


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