The underage girl and the village affair! Adaobi and Ikechukwu's 12 year old true love story

Grab her sometimes, and dance with her. With no music, randomly on the street, dance......

This week's true love story series is all about soon-to-wed lovebirds, Adaobi and Ikechukwu and they have got quite a beautiful story.

In The Beginning:
Some People want it to happen, Some wish it would happen, Others make it happen......

Adaobi: The story started 12years ago. We actually met at the family house in his village where I went to attend a wedding. I was to sleep over at his place as our parents were family friends for over the years even before I was born. The 1st time I took notice of him was at the kitchen door where he was talking to one of my cousins that came with me for the wedding too.

I started crushing on him immediately (it was surprising because that was the first time I ever crushed on someone), but I was still very underage and he was 5years older, so I had to hype my age and class in front of a fine guy  and he actually believed because I set in puberty very fast. Good thing for me until my mum spoilt show.
I find that the most beautiful moments of life aren't just with you, but because of you.....

 Ike: I still remember how it all began, the first time I saw her. Thinking about how it all happened puts a smile on my face. Who knew that we would be here today? Certainly not me. It was on December 2004 at Ogidi town in Anambra state that we met. I had just gotten into the university and had returned to the East to attend my uncle's traditional marriage.

While the ceremony was going on, I noticed 4 ladies and a little girl walk into the compound. 2 of them I already knew as they attended the same university with me, the 3rd person was a matured woman (my mother-in-law to be), the 4th was Mi Corazon (My Heart) and the little girl was her younger sister. I could not help but notice her beauty, the way she walked, her skin color, hips, clothes, and so on. I immediately crushed on her.
I am up for anything, as long as I'm with you.....
Imagine my joy when I learned they where going to stay at my parent’s house for some few days. In my head it was as if the Orchestra in Heaven was playing Hallelujah! I made my move and we began to talk.

Adaobi:  Into the night I fell asleep on the sitting room sofa, he then came in and needed to sit, but it was a full house, so he took my leg up, sat and placed it on his thigh. (I wished his hands wouldn’t come off my leg at that point the touch was awesome from a crush) the whole family finished the movie they were watching and then he brought out his video game (tekken 4) I loved the game and we played n played till PHCN took light.

At midnight I noticed they brought light and I went to wake him up for us to play the game again and he actually agreed (everyone was asleep as at that time) we played till his dad came out and chased us to sleep.

Your Prince will come. He may not be riding in a white horse, or have a big castle. But he would want you, and only you, and that would be better than any fairytale....
Ike: She told me how old she was and what class in secondary school she was in. Little did I know she bumped up her age by 4 years and her class by 3.

I was so glad to hear this as I thought to myself we are close in age and she will soon be in university, therefore something good can come out of this. Imagine how heart broken I was when her mum revealed the truth one morning at the dinning table while we all ate breakfast. It was only a simple question her mum asked her that made me suspicious.

We will be best friends forever because you already know too much...
Her mum asked if she had finished preparing for a certain exam. That exam did not align with the class mi corazon told me she was in. So, right there, I asked her mum what class she was in and how old she was. Mi corazon ran away from the dinning table as her mum revealed the truth. I remember walking to the kitchen heart broken with my plate and cup in my hands repeating the age and class her mum just told me in my head. Shoot!

My greatest pleasure.... My greatest Reward... My World!
And all the beautiful girls across the globe got nothing on you babe!!!
I was 5 years older than her and 4 classes ahead. "How on earth is this supposed to work?" I asked myself. Although my mind told me it won't work out, my heart refused to let go. I tried so hard to convince myself that it could work, but she was a whole lot younger than me and would not advice anyone in her age then to be in a relationship. 
I couldn't have had it any other way.I love you to the moon and back.Always and forever,My Blood.
Adaobi: He began keeping tabs on me and I enjoyed it.

After all this time.....it's still you!
Ike: You see, I had never been in a relationship before and I always told God that the first lady I will get into a relationship with is who I will get married to. I never believed in going from one relationship to another, so I kept  myself and built myself for the right woman. I was determined to keep my word to God, so I had to let her go. We kept in touch on phone as the years went by until she finally entered the same university I was in. Even then, we did not get into a relationship as I thought she had no feelings for me because she kept introducing me to her friends as her brother.
Never above you, Never below you, Always beside you...
Your hands and My hands Have A Peculiar way of fitting Together....
Little did I know that she actually thought I had no feelings for her and that's why she did that. Hmmm...I wonder why she thought so. She even went as far as trying to hook me up with one of her friends, but I refused as I knew who I wanted.

Adaobi: Fast forward to like 7yrs after we met, love got stronger. We faced distance all throughout the 12years and the challenges that follow as well, but here we are now.

The Story Of A Loving Gentleman And A Beautiful Bride-to-be!!!
There's nothing like US... Me and You together...
Ike: Anyway, to cut the long story short, we finally got into a relationship on July 25th, 2011 by 1:20 am. It's amazing how that date and time stock to my head. Our relationship has been mostly long distance as we have only seen each other for about 5 months in 5 years. God has been our strength and help all these while, and today I can finally say, I am about to get married to the one who is DEFINITELY worth the wait and the chase!
After all this time.....it's still you!
Photography by @happybensonpixels

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  1. why are they dark in the second pic?
    anyway,hml in advance!

    1. Lol, there was no money then when the photo was taken bt now they are fresh, how time flies. Fine couple.

    2. bleaching thingzzzzz

    3. Not really. Ike Jnr was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and still living in affluence. We were school mates, though he was far my senior....abt 4years ahead of me in school. I and his sister were in same class. I know everyone of them. We were childhood friends and still keep in touch.

  2. May God uphold your union.....
    In you is my strength lord..hearken to the voice of my heart and grant my @desire

  3. Love is swt shaaaa
    Am missing my swtypie
    Madam try not to add more flesh

    1. Ode, her husband likes her with the flesh so keep your yeye advice to yourself madam

  4. Beautiful couple.God I can't wait for mine to come.Lol.

  5. Beautiful couple.God I can't wait for mine to come.Lol.

  6. Awwwww..i love this story. Lol @1:20am. I wish them well

  7. This here is unbelievable. I wish you well my younger brother.

  8. Adaobi has been great and i know my big bro(cuz though) is in love with her and he always tell me abt her before the inttoduction, i use to b the igbo translator to Iyke during there love talk so happy is ending like this. Welcome to our family Adaoabi love you both #padi2016#. Endy!!!!

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  10. Wishing you both sweet brother the best in message. A gentlemen like your dad and a woman who is a sweet Angel like you mum,loving her already . Beautiful story.

  11. Kemi i reeally love the photo captions, you took your time with them this time, well done

  12. Wao! This story is so so sweet.

  13. Very fine couple, cute kids alert. I tap into your anointing o

  14. Cheiii Negodi Love story...Love amaka jare. Congrats bro

  15. Beautiful story indeed. Pure and undiluted love. Adaobi welcome to our family. You will live to always bless the day you say "I do" to Ik. Marrital bliss all the way in Jesus name; Amen.

  16. Aww Ada ada.. its true about the part she always introduced him to us a her brother... lol i am happy they are finally getting married. Congrats Ada and Ike. I wish you happy married life

  17. All I see is love 😍 😍 😍.... Let love 😍 😍 lead....


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