The child-custody battle between Rahama Indimi & Muhammed Babangida, IBB's son is still ongoing (New details)

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  It is no longer new that Mohammed Babangida, son of former military leader, Ibrahim Babangida is embroiled in a messy marriage scandal, involving himself and his ex-wife, Rahma Indimi. However, Rahma is now claiming that he is trying to abduct the kids and traumatizing her after the court proceedings didn't rule in his favor...read what she just posted on Instagram below:

 Mr Muhammad Babangida,pls understand sending thugs to abduct my children is not helping matters. You have traumatized the kids by sending ur goons to kill me, arrest me while they are watching. Then today you send your thugs again to snatch my children (and they almost killed my precious daughter by grabbing her neck and choking her, thank god the school has good security system otherwise only God knows what will happen) while we are in court! Why won't you allow the court to pass judgment? Are you afraid that you can't corrupt every one? Haba muha, enough is enough. I'm truly blessed the school were quick to react, my driver was quick to respond and my nanny telling the kids to run while she held on tight to the kids that your stupid goons beat her. Allah ya isa.


  1. This is exactly what Rahama wanted. Before all these started she had threatened her former r husband she was going to do it through text messages and now she's having her laugh. But let's see whether she would laugh last. The kids were with Moahmmed all through three years when Rahama moved out of the house. He allowed them to go and spend some time with her during the last school break and that is the root cause of all these.
    The custody case is in court and the Sharia judge had ruled that the status quo ante be maintained which means that the kids should be with their father pending the determination of the suit. Rahama did not like that. She appealed and lost. Yest she has refused to obey the court order. Each time court bailiff comes with policemen to effect court decision , she rushes to the social media that weep up sentiment. The same kids she abandoned in Minna for three years are the kids she wants to keep at all costs now. If court sits and she is charged with contempt of court now, is she going to blame Mohammed for that too?

  2. Enter your comment...@fola how did you know, were u living with them.

  3. rahama is just playing the victim by running to social media at the slightest opportunity..


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