Shocked and tense Hillary Clinton supporters shed tears as Donald Trump wins in most of the states (photos)

Donald Trump, a man with no background in politics, who has never held elected office, "has overturned the rules" and defied the polls. He may soon become the next United States president.

Here are photos of his opponent's fans all in a sour mood, tears while Donald Trump's supporters are energized by their underdog gaining ground.

Dailymail reports that at the Clinton 'party' in the Jacob K Javits Center in Manhattan, picked for its purposeful glass ceiling, Clinton's senior aides were nowhere to be seen. Mid-level staffers were dejectedly sipping coffee and Red Bull as the atmosphere went from confident to depressed, and a late-stage attempt to liven the mood with 'Let's Get Loud' was doomed to failure.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters at an invite-only event at the New York Hilton - two miles and a world away - found themselves whipped up into roaring frenzies of cheers, hugs and chants of 'lock her up.'

See all the pics below.


  1. Trump. The man who surprised the whole world. The man who broke every predictions and polls

  2. God bless America. Never underestimate the power of the people.
    The Devil you know is better than the devil you don't know - My thoughts before the election.

  3. I thank God that I am part of the Trump train. I have said it times without number to my friends in both the US and Nigeria that Trump will win the election but my friends in Nigeria were so oblivious of the electioneering modalities in the US. If this election were held in Nigeria I know for sure Hillary Clinton would have over 99.99% of votes but alas God is not man!!!! And the US electorate have spoken.
    This is a picture of my humble self and US Congress Representative Ted Yoho(Florida) on a campaign trail for Trump.
    I am very happy and privileged that God has counted me worthy to be part of the Trump success!!!!!!

  4. I have always believe that Donald will be the next America president.
    It was not a surprise to me.
    I saw it before now.

  5. Hillary clinton was deceived. She was deceived... Americans weren't ready to be ruled by a female

  6. Hillary belongs to the kitchen and the other room, ain't no equal right bih becos y'all women don't even support each other in anyway.

  7. The first set of pictures were quite emotional


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