Only God could have done this! A woman who never went to the University receives invitation to lecture in American varsity

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Thank God for His leading and help.
This testimony was shared by a woman herself to share God's love and how he can rise for the help of anyone  who he wants to help.
The testimony inspired me and even made me to cry to God to extend such benevolence to me too.
My prayer for you too after going through the piece, you will ask for His help and direction.

About four months or so, The Redeemed  Evangelical  Mission  known by her acronyms, TREM, a church  with  her Headquarters branch  in Antony Oke in Lagos  decided to empower her members and the interested public.

The programme was for  three weeks.. It was for both the youths and the  adults. That even some retirees attended. Among them was this 50 something year-old mother who has singlehandedly trained her children. She joined her class the second week of the programme.
What did she go for.? Making of shoes!

According to her, she just picked the interest in the  work.  I want to say it  was the leading of the  Holy Spirit.  Why not in another? As you will find out in the testimony.

 In those two weeks, she put all her mind into it, and  conscientiously she worked her way through it.
I want to say God, the Almighty God backrest her up. He gave her the necessary Divine  resources
I mean God gave her the wisdom  to choose and follow her hear leading.

 He bestowed on her the understanding heart to easily grasp all that  she was taught with the others.
They had to showcase their understanding by making a pair of shoes as project.
This 'mama ' did hers. She not only showed it in the  class, she had it put on line, sending me picture through instagram to her daughter in the USA to see her new 'baby'.- a new  knowledge!
Her intention was just to flaunt her work - ' I made it!'

As God would  have it, the daughter showed her friends, telling them to see what her mother did.
One of her friends loved the piece and told her to ask her mother how much it cost to get a  pair like that done for her. The daughter pulled a call to her mother here in Nigeria  asking for the price.
Without thinking, the mother just said $150. This was sent down immediately.

The woman's joy knew no bound receiving dollars for the work of her hand here in Africa.
From here, some orders were made for shoes. She did them with all her heart.
God, l say God, Who knows the ending from the beginning  had a surprise for this woman.

A Head of a University in USA got to know about this woman and her work, asked her if she would come to America if invited to lecture in the university.

Great Surprise!
A woman who never went to the university; now being asked to come into the  university system  to lecture.
All expenses paid!
Only for her to get her passport!
This God is awesome.
What can HE not do?

HE can bring someone from the miry clay and make him or her sit among the  nobles.
God's leading and empowerment with all wisdom and what have you - connecting factors, made way for this woman.

Who would have thought the work of her hand would take her to America in a couple of months now.

It could only have been God. A two -week training organized by a  Mission and a teachable spirit together made the way for the woman.

God be praised!


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