Only God could have done this! My husband wanted me to always use all the heavy makeup with heavy long lashes

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I want to testify to the power of God, especially where the help of man fails.
My testimony may look too simple  or cheap, I want you to help me bless the Lord God Who Himself  delivered me from carrying the load I did not want to carry.
I like being simple. My make up was only powder and balm for my lips.
But my husband wanted all the heavy makeup with heavy long lashes.
And he is a Christian. He said he loved me better when I was made up..
And we were then still young in marriage. Even now, we are not yet  a decade in our marriage.
I tried to save my tender home, yet he bought some of the kit for me.
As things were going then and going by what people advised, I had to obey him as  God anointed crown for my head.
I took my case to God reminding God that when David  was given armory to fight Goliath, he could not carry himself, so he declined the war apparel  and went to war in his simplicity!
I asked God to help me on my own case as l could not reject this by my power without some tug of war.
I sensed it was the ploy of the  enemy to want to start his attacks on my family.
I believed only God could help me out.
I went on some days  fasting and prayers. And as God would have it, we were watching TV  together one day.. And some actresses in the movie appeared with heavy long lashes. Their make up was something out of this world
The way they looked would make you think you were watching Mamie water mermaids doing their thing.
I believed it was God that made all we were watching to be so. This is because , at a stage, my husband started speaking in tongues..
He was given another picture to behold..
From there, God restored his desires.
He himself told me that the whole thing was not good, as it did not edify God. So, to him, it was not meant for Christians as it gives them another identity .
The battle was fought and won with God..
What l could have used my energy to argue  and lose or win with wounded heart was made easy for me.
Praise the Lord


  1. Wow! I think I understand this testimony more than anyone else. God answers!

  2. Am happy for you madam.Many will not understand but you wear the shoes and know where hurts.May your testimony be permanent.

  3. I dont like heavy make-up too. I rejoice with you


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