Only God could have done this! For 15 years I had a delay, no pregnancy

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I want to bless the name of the Lord for HE is good and His mercies endure for ever.
HE picked me up and gave me salvation.
I could say of my self that I was born with a silver spoon into a non-Christian family.
I fulfilled all  therein to do in the faith until one day.
That day,I had a special prayer session from midnight to 5am and got up to feel empty. I  could not lay my hands on the problem.
Something must be wrong.
I decided to go to church. Nobody ever preached to me. I just said to myself,' Let me go and find out what the God of the Christian have for me'.
What happened in the service changed my entire world.
I was filled with peace and  a kind of joy l had never experienced. When the altar call was made, l walked up to surrender my life to Jesus Christ.
Since then, it has been a point of no return..
The devil then used delay in getting pregnant to shake the new faith.
For 15 years I had a delay. No pregnancy.
I refused to lose hope despite all pressure around me. I was in my 40s
I then male a request to God. By that time I had become a worker in the church  and a zealous one for that matter.
My prayer was that God should give me the grace to wait and stand on Him to the end even if l was not going to have children. That I loved to sing to Him in heaven with the Angels. That the issue of childlessness should not take me away from the Kingdom of God.
This God is good! It was like  this is what HE wanted to hear me say. I got pregnant that same month.
Now all the glory to Him  as HE made me a mother of children.
My life is a bundle of testimonies!
Not that l do not have  bouts of low Spirit  at certain times.( I have learnt that this happens when one has fears and is carrying more than one could easily carry),God has been faithful and has continued to bless me, that today l can say, The Lord God Almighty is forever my God and HIM alone I will serve.
Praise the Lord


  1. Congrats! I use this post as a point of contact to God, anyone(that I know or do not know) going through this, Almighty God please bless their wombs.

  2. My prayer was that God should give me the grace to wait and stand on Him to the end even if l was not going to have children..... Wow! I'm moved! God keep your family!


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