Only God could have done this! As at the weekend to my wedding, I was BROKE

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The Lord, HE is God. And HE is God indeed !
HE is God that can bring something out of nothing
Out of the rock HE makes water to gush out as if from a spring or stream.
Who says there is no God?
Let such go and watch how a seed that is  planted sprouts.
Let him watch the  plant for a time and tell the world of the technology that makes it to grow tall  every day.
The Lord has made my life to be like a seed in the hand of a good farmer.
Until my wedding time drew nearer home., that l knew what fear was and during  and after the  ceremony I also knew the power of a great God in my life.
Things looked as if I was not  prepared. Things were like they were getting over bloated;getting out of hand.
A week to the wedding, great fear came upon me. Unanticipated expenses came up. My account had been drained.
And I was the groom  !
The weekend to the  wedding weekend,I ran to God. I went to the Redemption. Camp. It was to be a personal retreat.
I needed to seek God's help even without going through His  servant because it was not the weekend for the Holy  Ghost Service.
Could I even get the Man of God to pray for me?  The Almighty God must help me.
  I told God l had come to the end of my wits. The ground around me was already shaking. I could not run for cover now.
Family members  on both sides-my wife to he's  and mine were already calling me, The Groom , The groom.
Glory to His name.
Glory to  the name of God.
HE is  a prayer-answering  God.
David said he called on God and HE answered  him and delivered  him from all his problems ( and fears, my own ).
With a big shout out to God.
With a ground rending Hallelujah to this God, Who is awesome. Who is great. Who is the Almighty. Who gave me the boldness to come to Him through my faith in His  Son,Jesus  Christ, my Saviour, I want to tell the whole world that He helped me out
The wedding ceremony was held and it was glorious and  beyond my wildest dreams.
The Lord made everything  beautiful for us.
I went before Him sweating in my spirit, in my body and finances.
And on the day, HE showed me HE had removed sweats and struggles from me.
To crown it all,HE made a gift of a new car for my bride and I.
I could not dance enough  for Him.
What else song do I sing for the praise  of the  Lord?
Who would have said, the son of peasants  as parents could own and drive a car in 2016?
It could only have been  by God
Thank  You my Father.
Thank  You Jesus, my Advocates.
Thank  You  Holy Spirit  for stirring me  up to go up higher in my lowliness to meet with  the Lord of heaven and the earth for help


  1. Only those who know what to be broke means can appreciate this testimony. Father I am next in line for a miracle

  2. To Jehovah Jireh - the great provider be all the glory.

  3. God could make anything happen to shock the people


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