Nude Pictures: Fans call out Chelsea Eze on her ‘Small Breasts’

It’s her birthday and for up-and-coming actress, Chelsea Eze, it’s time to flash some skin!

She shared some nude pictures on Instagram and posted, “Super Thankful.... I am thankful for good health, I am thankful for my career, My friends and family, my fans, everyone who rides this Ship with me even those who are unbelievers, monitoring spirits I'm still thankful for y'all and I pray you #recievesense lol.Anyways it's my birthday still.” (sic) 

The actress, who had opened up in an interview that she was ready to go nude in any movie as ‘long as it’s tastefully done,” walked the talk today as she posted these nude pictures.

In the interview, she said, “If the opportunity comes with a good story and the money is right, I can act nude. As long as it’s tastefully done, I am okay with it.”

But on a condition:

 “I will not be able to do a full frontal. I am not particular about what I am showing or what I am not showing. As an actor, you should be able to go the extra mile to portray certain character. There was no way the scene where Lupita Njong was nude could have been done without her going nude.  If the story warrants that I go naked, of course I will do it because I am an actor before anything.”

Reminded that she could be scorned for going nude and she responded:

“I’m weary of the backlash because as human beings, some comments will get to me but at the end of the day I am an actor.”

One of her fans responded to the picture: “You are a pretty lady, no doubt about it. But going naked won't make u more popular rather people will no longer hold u in high esteem. Your body is for your future hubby not for the world to see. Chelsea... u are Ibo for Christ sake, respect yourself and your poor family. (sic)

Another said, “u r even the one to receive sense. Na only you dey celebrate? It's no longer a new thing. Sooo y showing the world the little breast all in the name of birthday. Awwwww this is not good plsssss. Happy Birthday thou.” (sic)


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