Nathaniel Bassey has this to say about listening to secular songs

What Nathaniel Bassey said about listening to secular songs will shock you
Whether it’s right for Christians to listen to secular songs or not, has always been a controversial topic. No wonder Nigerian popular Singer and Pastor, Nathaniel Bassey, took to Facebook today to address it. The music minister warned believers to separate themselves from worldly songs, adding that light and darkness do not go.
He posted on his Facebook Page, ‘’My dear believer, why the mixture? Gospel song one minute, worldly one the next. Like mixing beer and soft drink. Light & darkness don’t mix o.’’
“So choose ye this day what ye shall listen to. If light, stay with light. If darkness, stick with it. Such mixtures will lead to spiritual constipation. But Choose life, so you can live.’’ Urged the ‘Oni ise iyanu’ singer.
His post was accompanied by supporting comments but not all the commentators agreed with him.\
Uchenna Edeh, one of the commentators wrote, “Brother, I don’t agree with you on this one. A Christian can still sing or listen to a good song that passes good message or morals to the society. I will put it to you that many of you listen to love songs.”
Another commentator, Susan Dania, replied the singer. She wrote, “Then the gospel artiste should stop the mixture of gospel lyrics with worldly beats.”


  1. Seriously love his songs, specially. *This God is too Good*

  2. Which one is wordly beats again? Lol. Not all songs that are not Gospel songs are worldly, even songs by our 'wordly musicians'.#myopinion

  3. Yea light and darkness doesn't have any relationship

  4. I listen to inspirational songs not all this jaga jaga our Nigerian musicians sing in the name of entertainment


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