It started from a Church and now they are joined for LIFE! - Afolabi and Opeyemi's true love story captured in graphics

We are super excited about this week's True love story, yup, it is a unique feature of  young couple, Afolabi and Opeyemi's love story in graphics captured by top Lagos photographer, Ogheneworo Akara.

And so Afolabi met Opeyemi, a sister in church and started by talking to her quietly as a gentle brother. Sharing Gods words and encouraging her in the faith. Ah, but brother Afolabi had other plans. You will soon see those plans manifest.

Welcome to the blog post of Afolabi and Opeyemi’s pre wedding session.

He drew in sister Ope who wanted to know more that this brother had to share and give.

At that precise and perfect moment when Brother Afolabi knew things had changed in his favour he dropped the bomb shell.
Brother Afolabi: Sister Ope, There is something weighing heavily on my mind that i have to tell you.
Sister Ope: O, Brother Afolabi, What is it? Talk to me ( she said with concern)
Brother Afolabi: The lord seems to be laying something heavy in my heart concerning you and I have prayed about it. I have asked my friend to help me fast and pray and I am confident what i am about to tell you is the will of God.
Sister Ope: Okay……What is this will of God you want to share with me… ( now a little cautious).
Brother Afolabi: Sister Ope, I have known you a while now. We have shared a lot together, prayed earnestly and encouraged ourselves in the lord. I do not think it is for a season that we have become this close. A little concerned about that, I went to the Lord in prayer to seek his face and he spoke to me Sister Ope, He spoke to me concerning you. He said you are my wife.
:……………..And the picture below describes the look on her face at that moment………..
Sister Ope: hmmmmmmmm. Okay! The Lord spoke to you about me. Alright!!! I will talk to him as well. You can even join me so we can talk to him together and hear him speak to both of us at the same time.
 And so these two took it upon themselves to pray earnestly in the presence of the Lord. Holding hands and joining their faith together, they sought the face of God, asking him to show them his will concerning them both.

And when the peace that passeth all understanding rested on them  both, they knew immediately their path was together, forever.
Brother Afolabi: Did I not tell you I heard?
Sister Ope: Once has he spoken, twice have I heard, she quoted.

Looking at him she said, so we are stuck together forever. Oya! Lets do this.
  And when the relationship between these two took off,  it swept them both off their feet. 
Afolabi was so in love with Ope, it called to her heart and she reciprocated in like fashion. 

 And somehow she knew she had found happiness in this man. Afolabi did not rest on his oars, he continually beat for her the drums of love, calling out her heart to flutter to its rythm, ignoring everyone around and concentrating on this that he had found. 

 And Ope danced along with the flow, enjoying every sound that she heard from those drums.
 Very soon, they were locked together in all they did. Everyone who knew Afolabi knew Ope and vice versa.  And from the way they both were glowing, it was clear to all that they had been lit by the light of Love.

  Ope and Afolabi were just not not dating to get married. They were friends for life and it shone through everything they did.

And when they quarrelled it was fun to watch.  Ope was clear about laying her laws down and Afolabi, Afolabi understood her so well, fighting was a breeze.  For it didn’t last for long. They settled faster than they started.

When Afolabi put the ring on it, it was a moment of triumph for both of them. These two were smitten by each the other.

 So smitten that Ope offered to return him mumu button, he refused!!

 Keep it he said. If you do not have it, who else will?
It was at that point that Ope knew this is home. I have no other. Here I make my bed, Here i lie down.

And they started working at their lives together. Making plans for their future.  And Afolabi made it fun with his playfulness and his mischiefs.  Looking at this two you could they were special. Nothing else mattered when they were together. Work was a smooth sail.

Now, All work done, these two have taken flight on a journey to forever with Afolabi capably piloting affairs on this plane and Ope co piloting. 

I was there, I saw these two and I can confidently say even when the sun of their lives set, these two will be joined in love.  

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  1. Unique feature indeed. Ogheneworo is very good, he is just very expensive. I pray God blesses my hubby's pocket so we can hire him to shoot our wedding.

    1. Not only you're hubby's...he will bless yours too.

    2. But he is not as expensive as some their ones I know o. The likes of akintayotimi and jide odukoya n Co. I think oghenworo's price is still reasonable

    3. Even diko photos that just started recently too has started charging heavily. All these photographers keep exploiting somebori

    4. Well you can't expect to eat your cake and have it. You want something awesome, then you go for an awesome photographer and if you can't afford the expensive ones, then simply go for the mediocre ones. There is no big deal in it abi.

  2. Very beautiful photos and storyline. I love the Bride's team natural hair.

  3. how I love natural hair
    beautiful love story
    God bless their union

  4. Love the story line nd beautiful picture concept.

  5. Beautiful couple...hhmmnn Nice pictures and cool atmosphere. May their love wax stronger, amen.

  6. They have good chemistry. Happy married life to them. I just don't buy all these prewedding photoshoot ideas sha, it is time wasting biko

    1. Some even go as afar as doing prewedding videos.

    2. A few pictures will be just fine, not pre wedding album. I don't buy the idea too

    3. It is because you don't have the money. If you have the money it won't be something you don't like you will definitely love it sef. Most times we say we don't like something r buy an idea of something cos we can't afford it. That is just the simple truth

  7. Kemi why did you break up with ogheneworo and get engaged to someone else? If you like swallow my comment but we know whatsaaupp you hear.

    1. You people and all these rumours you are spreading. Kontinu o

  8. Nice one. Congratulations to them.

  9. This is really beautiful

  10. I love everything about this post...lovely!

  11. Very unique feature I must say. Interesting story and heart warming photos. Love it, love it, love it

  12. This feature made me cry. So sweet. They have good chemistry

  13. get it rite pple wedding is just an event.....marriage is the main tin hence plan well for your marriage.


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