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Hi..I'm a 32 yr old..been dating my man for a year..he just turned 37..we've bin engaged over exactly a year October 30th..his birthday. He proposed at 4months...lately we've been having a lot of issues..he used to come to mine every evening after work..no matter how late..he would make sure he sees me almost everyday of the week..did every and anything for me..called me his wife for everyone to hear...so it started with him working all the time..visitation reduced to almost nil..picture gone from his wallpaper etc...
I haven't seen him in about a month now...although his calls didn't reduce..initially. ...l couldn't take the distance anymore so I drove to his office...on a Saturday. ..he said he was working. .under the pretense that I was heading to the mall and needed some money...he said he had just left to meet up with his boss and would transfer the money...I'm like no...I'd like to see you ...wherever you are..he then turned it into an argument ..i got reaally upset and sent loads of nasty messages...and since then he has refused to pick my calls/hardly responds to my messages. ..the only text he sent was for me to give him some time..he'll see me... Soo..4 ward till 3weeks of "time"...our anniversary and his birthday was close....

I dropped off at his office to see him..with his presents...we cried and I thought we were on our way to getting bk together...he was busy Saturday.Sunday was his birthday. .I asked what he had planned he responded nothing..I said ok..since it's our anniversary also..let's do dinner and trash things...he said ok..picked me up at 4pm..pickedup sthing at my friends. ..he said HD had to drop by the office...got there. ..alluv a sudden his colleague called to say his boss was looking for him...he said to give him 15mins..next thing he's heading to drop me at home...he started lamenting bout how I complained all the time..can I see wats he's going through?..he drops me off..I check IG 1hr later to see pictures of him at 4 points partying with his friends/colleagues. .

I called..no answer till 1hr later..I'm like weren't u just at 4 points. ..he said it was impromptu. ..anyway I know it's a lie....and he obviously had another girl with him.

My dilemma is why string me along...is it so hard to just say it's over....why are men this way?..i know he couldn't have just met the girl..why keep me thinking I'm engaged to someone that's already dating someone else...is wish I could give u every detail but it'll take forever...my mum is the only one I can talk to at the moment that's why I'm reaching out...


  1. Hmmmmmm.Really don't know what to say. We all have our issues. God help us all.

  2. Apparently he's moved on,save yourself the headache and do the same!

    1. Oh yes he has. Flush the f*ing ring if there's any and stay hopeful.

    2. She could just sell it if it's a good one. Lol

  3. *sighs

    I don't even know what to say but I need to say this "It is well with you in Jesus Name, amen."

  4. run! run! run! obviously hes no longer into you

  5. There is no need crying over him,he is no longer interested in you, Forgive him and move on my dear,work on your self to be a good wife to your future husband and put God first in your next relationship...............


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