KFB Movie Review: 'The Grudge' tried too hard to be too many things at the same time

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Storyline: Lives of two lovelorn spouses from separate marriages and a lonely window intersect as they struggle to deal with a grudge that has festered for so long.
Starring: Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), Iretiola Doyle, Odunlade Adekola, Jaiye Kuti, Funmi Holder, Ijeoma Aniebo
Verdict: What to say about 'The Grudge'? It's just there, for all that "Just there" means. It tries too hard to be too many things at the same time, but ultimately fails to excel at none. In the beginning, it wants to be a comedy, and then wants to be a thriller at the end, but couldn't quite decide if it should just be a drama in the middle, instead.

At this point, we have to say; because we love the actors individually so much, we feel a little biased as to how exactly to feel about this one.

Funmi Holder, Iretiola Doyle, Richard Mofe-Damijo and Adekola Odunlade are greats in their own right, each one a Katana in precision crafting of characters, but together here, for some reason, they fail to be the Nuclear Warhead they were billed to be. And that by itself, is a distinct form of supreme failure.

If 'The Grudge' were forged of lesser Titans, we would have thought- "Ah well, they tried". But surely, in the light of these gods, we feel, as we must, a deep sinking feeling of- "Gaddamit! What the hell was that?".

RMD though, sexy like a gigolo, showed what makes him the king eternal, of Nigeria's silver screen. So much so, you can't help but notice the exhilarating beauty of his trade craft, accompanied by his seamless tears. And at that very moment, you will come to suspect, that only for this reason did he accept to play this part. The guy is a show-off. And we love him for it.

His craft might be the only glimmer that this attempt at a triumph won't end up being a cast away of Nollywood history.

Recommended. But beware, you won't fall in love.

See trailer and get more details below:

 Review by O.Cube of Cinema Movie Pointer


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