KFB Movie review: Ebube Nwagbo's 'Not Enough' should have been a secondary school stage drama

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So, Ebube Nwagbo premiered her supposed hilarious comedy film, 'Not Enough', last weekend and KFB was there.

The movie featured the Oge Okoye, Alexx Ekubo, Nazo Ekezie, Michael Bonny Bassey (Big Brother), Susan Zayat, Tina Amuziam, and Ebube Nwagbo too.

Well, the story surrounds two young sisters from an affluent family who out of youthful exuberance decided to know what the other side of life looks like, but they ended up endangering their lives in the hands of a make-for-all young man, Chukwudi, as played by Ekubo.

However, the 90 minutes movie should have just been a stage drama for secondary school students.
From the first scene to the last, there was really nothing extra ordinary, or captivating, no suspense, no real comedy, just all about JAMB, lessons, extra-classes.

The very first scene where Oge Okoye's mother chased her out of the house with a cane for bringing a man home, was just the beginning of the whole disappointment in the movie.

Then on Chukwudi’s character,  which was played by Ekubo. The role was supposed to be comically interpreted as an untutored illiterate, who fraudulently acquired wealth to maintain his luxury lifestyle. As a socialite and rich young man, he happens to be the favourite of all ladies around his net but it honestly, the role should have been played by a core comedian, who would have added more spice to the role.
Alexx didn't do a bad job, but it would have been better if done by a professional comedian or comic actor.
Not recommended! Unless you are a secondary school student waiting to write JAMB!


  1. Kudos to u Kemi, this is what ve been taking about, your review is gbam. movie noted.

  2. The problem with nollywood is everyone wants to be a producer.With the way Kemi reviewed the movie no one will be interested to watch it.

  3. Not recommended! Unless you are a secondary school student waiting to write JAMB! Lol..noted!

  4. I trust you Kemisola *shines teeth* Anyway, thanks a bunch for sharing.

  5. Never read your movie reviews before. Like this one. Oge & Ebube acted as school girls? Really???


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