Kemi Filani Blog presents the 12 EPIC surprise proposals of 2016 (photos, videos)

Nigerian guys sure know to melt hearts!

Some of the best marriage proposals are sweet and simple, and others are so elaborate it’s hard to plan a wedding that can actually top the excitement of the big question.

Grab the tissues, sit down and prepare to be overwhelmed by love and romance.

Kemi Filani Blog Weddings, has compiled a list of the most amazing Nigerian surprise proposals of 2016.

Some of them are tear jerks, while some will make you laugh for joy!

1. The Guy that proposed to his Woman during a live streamed Church service at the Redemption camp! (HERE)

The Nigerian couple, Eke Nkem and Precious Ekhator practically stole the show for about five minutes during the Redeemed Christian Church of God's 74 hours Marathon Messiah Praise which was held to commemorate the 74th year birthday of the General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye, early this year.

While the last session was on, Eke who was dancing alongside his bae, suddenly went on his knees...she didn't understand what was going on until she was the BLING and screamed.

According to Eke, "She deserves the best and in the presence of God is where there is fullness of joy".

Here is the video:

2. The viral musical chair proposal (HERE)

It was a sweet proposal for Black couple, Pacius and Baker who have been dating for 5 years and also a double ceremony for Baker who had her graduation party on the same day she got proposed to.

 Pacious 26, proposed to Baker, 27, after a game of musical chairs at the Neptune City Community Centre, May 14.

"It was so hard to plan because you are so nosy...I am star struck"said Pacius on bended knee after the game of musical chairs. "You are so beautiful, you always love me 100 percent and you have made me a better man."

A video posted by kemifilaniblog (@kemifilaniblog) on

A video posted by kemifilaniblog (@kemifilaniblog) on

A video posted by kemifilaniblog (@kemifilaniblog) on

3.#ForeverDuncan's Proposal turned Wedding All in 1 Day (HERE)


Alfred Duncan surprised his bride Sherrell, by proposing to her by noon and marrying her in the evening of the same day.
Forever Duncan Wedding_Oct320163
He proposed to her at 12pm and organised a surprise wedding at 6pm on the same day.
The bride couldn’t hold back her tears of joy as she cried almost all through.

4. Judith and Efe’s Proposal with a Ring & a Car 
Efe popped the question to Jude with a ring AND a car!

Efe and Judith met in Abraka State University and were very close friends from 100 level. In his words, ‘ One day, I was sitting outside my hostel, and I saw this pretty girl walking alone to get something, I approached her and I guess you know the rest.’ He decided this year would be the year to seal their relationship with those special words and was definitely ready to spend the rest of his life with her.With Judith studying abroad and expected to visit Nigeria for the holidays, he contacted Lovebugs Proposals and the planning began.
Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1838_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016
Efe’s proposal was more like a fairytale.It was a documentary themed/ outdoor proposal.

A day after entering the country, Efe invited Judith for his friend’s all-white birthday party, which she agreed to attend with him. Unknown to her, the birthday party was actually her proposal party. On entering the building, everything had been branded like a birthday party to ease any suspicion and she was led to where the party was in a lobby filled with some friends. n,
A little announcement was made that the celebrant was now committed to a humanitarian cause and would love his friends to contribute in whatever way but in order to understand what it was, they needed to watch the video.
The documentary was played and to Judith surprise it was all about her. The documentary portrayed important details, such as their favorite spot in school as well as the exact location they met. It also featured heartwarming and funny interviews with her nearest and dearest. With an instruction at the end of the videos to follow the lead, Judith was led outside and to her surprise the welcome sign had changed and then she discovered the surprise of her life.
A romantic walkway, gallery on a tree, her favorite mantra designed in a frame, an outdoor dinner, a bouquet of flowers on the walkway, a live vocalist singing for her and her groom waiting earnestly in beautifully decorated aisle with her picture in a large frame and with some of their friends present. It was all soon overwhelming for her and she was completely stoked!But it didn’t just end there. She was showered with gifts one of which was a car!
 Coincidentally, Efe had bought the car for her through a friend in Canada and had asked the friend to put it in a phone case and give Judith to bring to home. She had been traveling with her own car key all along!
Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-45_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-84_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-462_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-423_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-420_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-736_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-226_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-562_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-587_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-633_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-920_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1174_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1187_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1211_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1344_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1353_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1387_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1432_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1436_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1443_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1465_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1517_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1590_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1624_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1753_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1800_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1823_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-1838_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-2083_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016 Juju-and-Efe-Proposal-By-Lovebugs-Proposals-2361_proposal in lagos, nigeria_bellanaija weddings 2016


5. The surprise painting proposal (HERE)
Ilamina and Olise's surprise proposal video will make you go aww and aww and aww.

They got engaged when her boyfriend unveiled a painting of him on bended knee with a ring at a ‘Music Meets Art’ event.

The Music Meets Art event was organized for every attendee to be more enlightened about art, appreciative of music and it's components, and most importantly, to witness Olise's expression of love to Ilamina through a romantic, heartwarming proposal.

 Everyone gave her the impression that he was  only receiving a painting award but unknown to her, she was the damsel in the painting.

Watch the video


6. Oyin Famodun's waiter and flash mob themed surprise proposal (HERE)

Oyin Fomodun, a Nigerian based in Essex, UK  proposed to his half Nigerian/half Caribbean girlfriend Yemisi in grande style early this year, and the video of the proposal has left many romantics around the world teary eyed.

The 34 Romeo surprised his girlfriend of three years in a crowded restaurant with an elaborate set up that she would never forget. The stunt – which was captured on video – involved him putting on a prosthetic nose, wig, a beard, layers of make-up and a pair of glasses to disguise himself as an aged waiter.

Oyin before the makeover
Oyin, after the makeover
He also filled the entire restaurant with actors for an all-singing, all-dancing flash mob.

The video starts with Yemisi sitting with two friends in Gillray’s steak house, London, before Oyin disguised as a waiter deliberately ‘accidentally’ spills water onto their table and soaking her in the process.

Of course Yemisi was agitated by the waiter(Oyin) who acted oblivious to his actions. She then….   
The effort Oyin put into the whole proposal is just remarkable The video:

 7.  She got two rings (HERE)

Proposing can only be done once to your partner, so Mr W. Olaniyi decided to make it special for his bae, Funmi Olokede by proposing with two rings.

They got engaged on January 1, 2016!

Narrating the history behind the two beautiful bands, the newly engaged soon-to-ber bride, said "The 1st little one is a gold and diamond gem.. He said he got that bcuz I love originality😍😍 While the 2nd one is a sliver with a blue gem😀😀... He added that am a lover of blue and I love em bogus 🙈🙈🙈... In his words,  Baby pick one of the Rings and be mine forever... And I replied Yes! Yes! I want BOTH babyyy ( Oliver twist attitude)😂😂"


 8.  Photoshoot turn surprise proposal
See How This Guy Used a Mock Photo Shoot to Give the *Ultimate* Surprise Proposal
For one lucky woman, what started out as a romantic photo shoot turned into the beginning of her life with the man she loves.
After four years of dating, Kornelius Bascombe cleverly crafted the perfect proposal to girlfriend, Rachel Jordan, by setting up a mock photo shoot that left her nearly speechless.
In the video posted to YouTube, the CBS producer broke down the months-long preparation behind his ingenious surprise engagement which began with him contacting a blogger who previously worked with his lady love to set the scene of a dreamy photoshoot.
In conjunction with Signal 13 Productions, the pair posed for photographer Myron Rogan using the Los Angeles skyline as a backdrop (with a helicopter for a prop!) atop the Citibank building. Midway into the shoot, Myron then instructed Rachel to spin around and toss rose petals for an action shot. Unbeknownst to her, Kornelius was on bent knee behind her holding a ring.


 9. The church proposal (HERE)


Lovebirds Isaac Oladipupo and Boluwatife Oluwasuji got engaged in January at the Daystar church in Lagos. Isaac popped the BIG question after the church service and Bolu said Yes.


'Once in a lifetime, someone walks into your life and everything changes.  That peaceful decision to follow my heart remains one of the best I've ever made. Love you a million years plus more" Isaac said while Bolu said "I've actually been looking for the best words to caption this...until this morning! Here it is:  GOD HAPPENED TO US!!!! #Gracefoundus #GodinspiredkindofLove #iamengagedtomybestfriend #weareateam #Godsgotthis #Godsgotus #hefoundmewhilewewereserving #GodrewardsHissonwithHisdaughter 😍😘😗 #lovethatmakesyoubetter #Oluwapawalerinayo #manwhoseheaddeyhinneck lol #okayicouldgoonandonandon  My perfect gentleman aka God'sman. Here's to an amazing and titillating #titilai with God as our Most Senior Partner!"

 10.   Doyin and Tolu's surprise proposal

Adedoyinsola and Tolu got engaged weeks ago after dating for about 4 years.

Tolu who was based abroad had planned with the help of Doyin's friends to organize the surprise proposal in an hotel in Lagos.

Doyin got to the venue as planned by her friends only to find that her boyfriend was back from the states.

The video

11. Wedding Reception proposal (HERE)
Busola and her man got engaged after she caught the bouquet at her friend's wedding reception.

Busola really wanted the bouquet and it came to her, and then she got more, her Man proposed and she couldn't stop crying!


12 Proposal on the Fashion show runaway
Johnson Iyaye Rotimi, designer behind menswear brand Johnson Johnson, proposed to his girlfriend Beata, at Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 – and she said yes!
The proposal came after the designer’s runway show. While taking his finale walk with Ric Hassani singing his  song ‘Gentleman,’ Johnson singled out his girlfriend from the crowd, brought her on the runway – a vision in blue, he got on one knee and popped the question. See videos and photos of the proposal below.
Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 johnson johnson_IMG_8219_bellanaija Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 johnson johnson_IMG_8220_bellanaija Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016 johnson johnson_IMG_8255_bellanaija

Part two

Dear 2017 grooms, the pace has been set!

 Photo credit: Kemi Filani Blog, Bellaniaja weddings, Instagram and Facebook!


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