Jesus Christ died in your place to forgive you of every sin that you have ever committed | Majid Michel shares new powerful message

It is no  longer news that Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel is now an Evangelist, who ministers in Churches and goes about preaching the gospel. Moments ago, he shared the photo above with a powerful caption:
"Intellectuals Don't Accept Theories Without Testing Them. i suddenly realized that i had done what no true intellectual ever does. i had made conclusions about things that i had never really tested. 
No scientist ever draws conclusions about things he has never put to the test. i had never really put Jesus Christ to the test, never really given Him an opportunity to work in my life. i had never given him a chance to come inside and live in me and prove whether the things the Bible said about Him were true. 
As a student, i didn't major in science, but i was a strong believer in the scientific method. in science class, our teacher taught us that every true scientist proves over and over that something is true. it occurred to me that i had never really proved that God is true. i had just drawn intellectual and philosophical conclusions about God, but had never given Him a chance to work in my life. 
Now i had to conclude that Majid Michel was a phony, but i also concluded that Jesus Christ died for phonies! Now i'm talking to everyone in the world who lives with bigotry, hate, and violence, that you could never through your own strength and ability be able to produce anything in this life that would be worthwhile. Jesus Christ died in your place to forgive you of every sin that you have ever committed, and arose again to live in you. And God is asking YOU to believe JUST THAT ! #LEADERSHiP."


  1. God guide you to remain strong in him.

  2. Shall we continue to sin that grace may abound? God forbid.

  3. Awesome! Lifes beautiful with Jesus at the centre

  4. Jesus did not die for anybody's sins. He is not God that would forgive sins. He only came to pass a message from God.

    1. You are lost o. Jesus is the way, the truth and life. He died for our sins.

  5. Wonderful transformation. It is only the love of God that has the power to transform and build any individual. Ride on Michael!

  6. wow. i am very much touched this is very nice info...

  7. Sometime i want to go to church. but god forgive me please i am not regular sometimes i don't want to go. :(


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