Is Oyedepo’s daughter learning how to perform miracles or she’s just making fun of her father?

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Joyce Oyedepo, the last child of General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel, has caused major controversy and is trending all over social media thanks to a video she put up on Facebook. She’s in her early 20’s and studies in the United States, but she is also involved in her father’s ministry. Apparently she would love to do miraculous works just like her father famously does.

On her Facebook page, she ‘performed’ a live ‘miracle’ where she prayed over one of her hands which she said was shorter than the other. In the video (which she has since deleted), she is seen kneeling and praying for ‘every vertebrae and disc in my upper back to be completely gone…’ and then immediately after, she starts to say ‘Thank you Jesus… can you see it?… I’m raising it up so you can see clearly…’ 

 The video shows Joyce with both arms outstretched and praying for healing of her upper back, and as she prayed, her arm grew in length.  She exclaims "oh my God can you see it?"
Meanwhile, as she carries out this ‘miracle’, she keeps chuckling and stifling her laughter. Obviously she’s aware of how ridiculous the whole thing looks. Perhaps that’s how she feels when her father performs some improbable miracles in their church, like when a congregant’s breasts were made equal in size and big after the bishop prayed for her.

The video has gone viral, with a majority of commenters slaying her for this miracle. Some are even questioning her mental health because there was nothing wrong with her arms before she posted the video.


  1. People on instagram no dey get chill @ all. Hmmmm

  2. She's always in the news.
    Anyway,they have gullible followers.

  3. See caption Kemi. Haba!! Should she have been crying? Instead of assuming why don't you try and contact her ?

  4. Hmmmmm!
    Opium of the masses.
    My conclusion, to your own self be true.


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