I caught my husband on top of my niece in our bed, I divorced him, he married her - Woman tells her sad story (Photo)

According to this post shared by The Kenyan Post, Grace Maina narrated how she caught her randy husband having sex with her niece in their matrimonial bed. She divorced him upon finding out that her niece was 4-month-old pregnant for her husband. A month after she left him, they got married... read the post below..


  1. *shocked*

    I don't even know what to say.

    1. I believe in miracles, I seriously do. But when it comes to character, I have cold feet cuz only God can help change someone that is addicted to something to change. Some things should not be taken for granted while in a relationship. Marriage can easily change a woman, but a man will always be a man.. Once you notice your man cheats for living, you have to think very well before you accept to marry him.

  2. This is serious,she has heart sha.

  3. Really? What will we not hear? He married her and now wants you back! He must be a very shameless man. Haba!

    1. Sincerely, shameless is an understatement, hes worse.

  4. Hephzibah Awosika Alade3 November 2016 at 17:08

    I wonder why people feel the need to put their sob stories on social media. Shi happens. Move on

  5. But in reality kenyan men are really useless and lazy!!!! That's why the country is littered with single mom

  6. I mean, he not only slept with her niece o, hes bin sleeping with housemaids. He needs Jesus asap

  7. Lol.... The husband is too wicked... Haba

  8. Oga ooo . the rate at which spouse cheat this days is making marriage scary .


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