Election 2016: Donald Trump emerges 45th US president, Hillary Clinton concedes defeat

Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has won the United States presidential election.

Trump won key swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio as he succeeds in his long time ambition of “winning the race” to the White House.
Known for his “we will take back our country” comment, the billionaire businessman surpassed expectations and rubbished pollsters projection in Florida, where Hillary Clinton of the Democrats had been expected to win.

Meanwhile, Clinton has reportedly called Trump to say "congratulations"


  1. God Bless America!

    ""This election truly shows that America is divided!"'

    Never underestimate a Business Man, he dint become a rich business man in one day!

    Anyways, singing "Ija dopin, Ogun Si tan"

    1. Donald Trump is a genius. Love him or hate him. This is a great victory

    2. There's really no big deal in Trump winning this election. Of course we need a tough guy at the helms of the most powerful country in the world, to fight terrorists.

      However, the implication of he becoming president is scary.

      1) We thought the most powerful country in the world would elect a woman president. They just lost that opportunity.

      2) Men are sexist, they may not want a woman to rule them.

      3) America is deeply divided, with whites voting for one against the other.

      4) Africa may be the biggest loser.

      5) America Likely to lose super power status

      If it was Bernie Sanders, he would have defeated Trump. America not just ready to allow a woman lead

      Get ready for vendetta.

      All Journalists that were against him, are in trouble.

      All those that accused him of sexual assault are in soup.

      Hillary Clinton may Go to jail

      Get ready for vendetta.

      Possibly all President Obama achieved are at risk of being upturned.

      There may be a crack in NATO

      Russia to gain more power and control over west, since Trump would never go against them.

      Where's the fulfillment of the prophecy that saw a female winning via massive voting in two USA states. God is never an author of confusion but of very clear visions!

  2. Many will die of heart attack today( but I don't pray so )

    1. Well it saddens me as well.. but fact here is that; A woman can never rule the World!

  3. Sad day, this just confirms that there are many racists in America. Anyone who votes for a man who claimed President Obama isn't American is nothing but a racist. Of course the polls didn't show a Trump win because most of these people are closet racists, they won't openly support trump but then voted for him.

  4. This ain't sad congrats to trump.. It shows there is God bringing the wise to foolishness and the fooliness to wisdom.. Nigerians I congratulate you in advance because this is what is gonna happen 2019.. someone who has a clean slate and not a politician God is gonna raise him up and he would be the one to clean up nigeria mess..

  5. Lesson : You can be absolutely ANYTHING you want to be even when the whole world seems to be against you .Ignore the hate,side talks and face your dream.. It's not over until it's over .And it's now clear ,popular opinion on social media is quite different from the real world #DonaldTrump

  6. You want to tell me Obama, Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga all supported Hilary and she still lost?

  7. he only reason people (nigerians) want Hilary to win is because Trump said he would build a wall. Please isnt it high time islamic killings are curbed?. I think it's good trump won,nigeria is in a deeper mess.

  8. I still have nothing to say about this elections. Let's just see how the world turns out to be with Trump at the helm of affairs

  9. His victory is indeed the dynamics and fluidity of democracy, so now America is red and I believe that Donald will provide the unifying for America, the polling industry has been demystified and shattered by Donald.
    Black people made not but didn't vote. Obama legacies that were supposed to be cemented will be drown. Let's all get up and go back to work. For those who are disappointed with the outcome of this presidential election, I hope you get a chance to heal and find peace. And for those who are ecstatic about the outcome, I hope you enjoy your victory, and I hope you remember to be kind even as you bask in your conquest. Of course the implications and symbolism of this election results remains to be seen and experienced. For the sake of country and humanity, I (we) can only wish Trump well, and hope he goes on to make America greater, and the world better.
    I hope to see another Trump, and not the one on the campaign train. January 20th is around the corner. It is well.

    P.S To the mexicans hope una money don complete for the wall payment...lol


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