Each time he carries the children (twin) on his lap, his manhood will rise up – Woman tells how she caught husband abusing daughter

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A housewife in Abuja, Francisca Okechukwu, on Monday filed for divorce, accusing her husband, Tony Okechukwu, of sexually abusing their six-year old daughter.

In her divorce application filed at Jikwoyi Customary Court, Abuja, Francisca, a business woman, alleged that she had, on many occasions, caught her husband fiddling with her daughter’s private part.

“I caught my husband touching my daughter’s private part, his biological daughter”, she alleged.

The petitioner told the court that she had been suspecting her husband of the act “ because of the way he carries the twin daughters.

“Each time he carries the children (twin) on his lap, his manhood will rise up, and if he is not satisfied with that, he will go and pull off his cloth and tie his towel,” she told the court.

The petitioner also alleged that her husband might have had carnal knowledge of her daughter.

“There was a day the twin had a nap in their father’s room in the evening but when they were having their bath the next morning, one of them was complaining of a pain in her private part.

“When I checked her, I saw a cut which pained her for over three days,” she added.

She therefore begged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her custody of the children.

The husband, Okechukwu , also a business man, however denied all the allegations.

The Presiding officer, Mr Labaran Gusau, adjourned the case to Nov. 16th for hearing.


  1. If this is true then the man needs deliverance

  2. What????????? He should be castrated!

  3. Adjourn ke? The girls should be examined and the man investigated.

  4. It is unethical for an Igbo woman to file for divorce just for this reason. It is not in our culture. Women don't divorce men in Igboland. There are other things behind this woman's action. Why would the man carry his biologycal children and achieved an erection? The woman has not been meeting up with her conjugal duties. She must have been starving the man down there. If you feed a man well down there, he won't crave for more elsewhere not to talk of burning for under aged children that were supposed to be his biological daughters. Another point of consideration is that the children could possibly not be his own hence the arousal and the wife fearing her sins would soon be discovered wanted a quick end to the marriage to safe her face. I cannot be wrong in both. That woman has a skeleton in her cupboard.

    1. Sir, Uchenna Obadike to hell with your culture. How can u say such a tinz @ least we have heard a lot of stories that father end up raping their own children and trying to abort it for them. Your write up it sumhow insulting and disgusting I must tell u.

  5. Uchenna Obadike,you must be MAD!
    In fact you are a DEVIL!
    What nonsense are you spitting out of your fungi infested gutter mouth!
    You must be SICK!
    Men like you should CASTRATED!!!


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