Can you solve this difficult car-in-a-box brainteaser (UPDATE)

'Car in a box' puzzle
Three boxes, all with car drawings on the outside, have statements underneath them - but only one of them is true.
Can you work out which box has a car in it?
View answer and explanation below!

The puzzle reads: "There are 3 boxes, exactly one of which has a car. You can keep the car if you pick the correct box!
"On each box there is a statement, exactly one of which is true.Box 1: The car is in this box.
Box 2: The car is not in this box.
Box 3: The car is not in box 1.
"Which box has the car?"

The answer

Box 2 contains the car, but only 37% of people get this right.
If the car were in box 1, then the statements on box 1 and 2 would both be correct, so it can't be in box 1.

Brilliant.org 'Car in a box' puzzle
If the car were in box 3, then the statements on boxes 2 and 3 would be correct, so it can't be in box 3 either.Apply the theory that the car is in box 2, and the only true statement is that of box 3, meaning the car has to be in the second box.


  1. Box 3
    Tweety is back to stay. Kemisola miss commenting like kilode. Francisca longest time #Godgatus#1luv

  2. I don't know it but I have seen the answer(even before you posted this) on one of the website you listed on your blog...lol

  3. The car is supposed to be in box 1 but statement 3 negated that already.

    The car is in box 3.

  4. Lol..Kemi I think am confused now rather than been convinced.

  5. Awwwwwwwww Tweet Berry, it's good to have you back! Please don't disappear again *hugs* *shines teeth*


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