American election 2016: Wole Soyinka is also being mocked on Twitter for saying he will destroy his green card if Trump wins

Last week, noble laureate Wole Soyinka, said he will cut his green card and leave the United States if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. Well, Donald has been declared winner and Nigerians on twitter are right now mocking Wole Soyinka, see reactions below:


  1. I wonder why people keep moaning about men not wanting a woman to lead. So many stupid comments on Twitter and other social networks. Wanting a woman to lead simply because she's a woman is just as sexist as not wanting a woman to win because she's a woman.

    To all those who said this was impossible, I hope you've learnt now to never say never.

    Quit your prophecies about how bad a Trump presidency would be for the whole world. You fortune tellers predicted the election outcome and see how that went.

  2. The world voted for Hillary but Americans voted for Trump, shikenah

  3. @Wole&TB Joshua, they r all fools. No one can predict the mind of God

  4. The good news for Nigeria is that Trump will not want to trade with Iran, so oil go sell small for here....... Dollar price will fall even if it's a little, our thieving polluticians will not find it easy going there to spend their loot and show off....... 9-11 America experienced something terrible....... 11-9 America voted for a terrible experience. I wonder how Obama wan do this kain handover........ chai! It's even more difficult for him than Hilary right now.

  5. Nigerians in America when are your flights arriving? My entourage and I are waiting patiently at Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl Airport to receive your souls. Please help me import original Gucci let me dash Humble Smith because, Huspupi told me that he wears ABA Gucci

    1. Hahahahhaha, you r so funny dear. Lol.

  6. Haaahaaahaaahaaa!!
    Sir you see your life?
    Let's learn to speak with our tongue in check.
    Oya Channels Television start heading to his house for the card tearing LIVE, LMAO! Zero chill!

  7. Lmao @live card tearimg ceremony. I can't laugh biko. I'm going mute on this.

  8. You guys should pree this man.. He is human and he has the right to say wat ever e want..


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