Whenever I collect my salary I hand it over to my husband - Charles Imuzeze's wife tells it all

Charles Imuzeze, Managing Director, Great Measures Media, a subsidiary of Verdant Zeal and Lizzy, his wife of 13 years, recently shared the experience of what has kept them together with no cracks on their marital walls in this interview with Punch Newspaper, enjoy!
Do you ever fight?

Charles: We quarrel, but we don’t fight.  We don’t sleep on the issues and it does not get to the third party. One thing I appreciate about her is that she always takes the blame whenever there is a quarrel.   

Lizzy: Quarrels make me sick. If I am having issues with somebody, I would be conscious of the fact that I may not go to heaven as a result of the malice I am keeping.

Charles: I am also learning to ensure that she is not the only one always having to say sorry. Sometimes, I have to take steps to also apologise.  I do that by sending a message, writing to her or kneeling down and saying, “I am sorry.  I messed up.”

What aspect of your character does she have to cope with?

Charles: I am a loving person and an extrovert. What she is trying to cope with is the fact that I have too many female friends. What I try to do is that whatever is the reason for my having that friend, I must first of all find it in my wife. If it is the dress, I must make sure I buy the dress for her. I cannot love an outsider more than my wife.

Lizzy: I am not so organised. I feel sad always because that is where we have issues. He is extra orderly.  I am also an introvert.   I am not given to glamour. But since he came in to my life, he has really transformed my looks. His job exposes him to a lot of lovely and well dressed women.   I have to make myself look glamorous for him also.

How do you deal with finance?

Charles: We just recently had a joint account. But we have never had issues with finances in the past. One thing with my wife is that once she receives her salary, she brings everything to me. She does not take out a kobo.  When she does that, I pray on the salary and give it back to her. The major bills are handled by me and she takes care of the small and urgent things.

Lizzy: I knew from day one that my salary should be given to my husband.  When I did it the first and second time and saw that he appreciated it, I just made it a lifestyle.


  1. Submissive wife.God bless their home

  2. Hmmm... Whatever works for you. Continue to enjoy a blissful married life.

  3. May their love wax stronger, amen.


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