Trump's victory is needed because Obama has placed U.S in a diametrical opposition to God - Pastor. Okotie

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Pastor Chris Okotie has just lent his voice to the ongoing election campaign in the United states of America. According to him, Donald Trump deserves to win because Obama has placed the United States in a diametrical opposition to God! He posted this message moments ago on his Facebook page.

America's problem is not gender inequality nor a parochial appreciation of immigration sensibilities. It is the manifest do goodness of secular humanism as defined by a generation of Haters of God and his anointed who are given to a sinister spirit of hedonistic nihilism. This is not about Trump or clinton but the spirit and philosophy that galvanise their political platforms as Republicans and Democrats. It is righteousness that exalts a nation not competence and glib political rhetoric. Obama and the Democratic party have placed America precariously on the edge of a precipice in diametrical opposition to God. Trump's victory is the first step towards a national reconciliation and rapprochement with God. Who is on God's side?

Do you agree?


  1. He is entitled to his opinions anyway *side eye

  2. Is this man serious? I was reading and expecting to see where he'd add that he had a vision.... I do not agree, did Obama/his administration/party put America on precipice to diametrical to God? Or both parties? Do all people in America(or in other countries) believe in God, if he's talking about LGBT, even though Obama was/is still the president when the bill was passed(but republicans are also in the the Senate). Is LGBT only Americans problem(if he consider it as one)? Are they voting the candidates based on that only(other bigger problems are still there)?
    I don't believe Trump's victory is needed, he's wrong if he thinks...
    If he's not about Trump or Clinton, but the party, the two major parties... There's still third party if American people think the way he thinks...

  3. this man wll not just purse his lips always talking rubbish


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