These rules do not even guarantee your going to heaven! KFBer reacts to MFM's shocking 'No flower girl, No lip gloss etc' rules for intending couple

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Earlier this week (HERE), we published the guidelines for for couples who want to get married in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM).
Some of the rules include:

The brother (groom) and his best man must not do any of the worldly head hair cut styles.

Chief bridesmaid and Best man must be a Christian of good standard. 
They must be approved by the marriage committee on the wedding day.

There is no need for flower boys or girls.
No premarital sex and conception before wedding day.

Observe strictly compulsory 6 months courtship period from the first day you meet the marriage committee.

Inspection of the accommodation of the brother (groom) to be carried out.

No use of Alcohol in the reception if done in the Church premises and no use of talking drum.
Well, a Facebook user and KFBer, Bukola Bridget, has reacted thus:

But, hold on a sec, how do we define marriage really?
As defined by the book of common sense, when your 'mini-gods', that is, your parents, give you the go-ahead to marry your partner, and they do that wholeheartedly, your union is blessed. Parental consent is key!
Let both families meet and seal the deal! Well, you may need to have the presence of your Pastor. That's okay. Then the only thing left is just for official purposes, and of course, which is also accepted as a type of marriage. Please, go to Court! Do the Registry thing!
And if that Pastor decides not to join you, because you didn't come to church or 'follow the rules', then I sincerely doubt his anointing!
If people want to spend their money, let them spend it! I find my lower lip breaking sometimes and I can't use common lip gloss? Do I have to look pale in my wedding photos because of 'rules'? Those memories will haunt me for the rest of my life! What's the point doing all those in pretence anyway? These rules do not even guarantee your going to heaven? So?
Must you go to church by the way? Must you? Will those who have parlour weddings or those who choose to have just their traditional weddings go to hell?
May the Lord have mercy on our souls!"
KFBers, what do you think?


  1. I suport her view, mariage is actually consumated when d parents, especially d bride's parents give their consent to the Union. White weding or church weding is an European tradition, not part of church thing from @ d outset.My advice to fellow youths,doctrines differ from church to church,so it's best to go to church u can abide with their weding arangement. We are saved thru Grace & making heaven is also by Grace!

  2. *side eye

    I will be right back, let me get popcorn.

  3. No comment.@Francisca and sweetheart your opinions are needed.

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  5. No one is forcing anyone to get married in church but if you want to get married in a church(any church at all), you abide by their rules, else, you go somewhere else. This has gotten nothing to do with heaven but their(MFM) do's and dont's.

    I do not anyone encourage speaking against any man of God, church or fellowship. Only God knows it all.

  6. my candid advice is let them be. Last I checked pastor Olukoya is the G.O... So my dear, go and start your own church... N give your rules. Lobatan. Remember... Touch not my anointed... I sincerely believe Pastor Olukoya is a true man of God.


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