Shock, Confusion As Strange Illuminated Cross Is Seen At Nasarawa Mosque

The sudden appearance of a strange cross about 5feet from a central mosque on Saturday has thrown residents of Assakio Development Area in Lafia, Nasarawa State into confusion.
The mysterious sighting attracted a mammoth crowd from Assakio and its environs with many praying for forgiveness and blessings.

It was observed that the illuminated cross was projected on to the ground. The cross was first sighted by a 15 year-old-girl, Hajara Hussaini , at about 8pm on Wednesday.
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Hussaini, was sent on an errand by her parents, but when she saw a strange light, she was gripped by fear and rushed back home to alert her mother, Matan Liman. Her mum Matan confirmed her daughter saw the crucifix while returning from the errand.

The Chief Imam of Assakio Central Mosque, Muhammed Iliyasu, who confirmed the incident said the appearance of the cross within the premises of the mosque was a revelation from God, affirming that “Jesus is also a prophet of God.”

Rev. Micheal Dogo of the Evangelical Reform Church of Christ, Assakio who also confirmed the incident described the appearance of the cross as a sign of reconciliation in the community. Other eyewitnesses at the scene of the sighting, expressed fear and bewilderment, with some even claiming to have been healed after visiting the cross.

An Enugu State native, Grace Eze, who resides in the Ashige area of the community, added that she got healed after visiting the scene of the cross.


  1. Jesus is Lord...they beta repent and convert 2 christian

  2. Jesus Christ our Saviour and not prophet.

    1. oh yes! The only saviour there is..no other

  3. God will prove HE is God at every place. It's now left for those who will believe

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  5. Let the name of the LORD be praised forever

  6. See Jesus followers o. U guys tink u are wise, u just imagine fake and adulterated stories where it doesn't exist. Show the pics wen the cross appeared at the area of this mosque. U ppl will do computer work and tink people will convert. U don't even know the principles of Advertising. Jesus Christ ko, Jesu krist ni

    1. Its left with you a God. Believe it or not. God's will will be done.

    2. Its left with you a God. Believe it or not. God's will will be done.

  7. let the will of God be done.


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