Only God could have done this! A wheel chair miracle


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 Hey Kemi, I witnessed this story and i would like you to share it for the KFB fam.
I saw God moved. I beheld Him setting loosed the bound.
It was at the just concluded Youth convention program of the RCCG.which held between 3rd and 7th October 2016. The Holy  Communion service held on Thursday night.
After this, a special program was held for those who would wait. And many of the youths were in attendance.
Daddy G.O had to do the closing prayers.
He did this as at 3 am because the program spilled to Friday dawn.
I was at the front, the very front. There was this young lady on the wheel chair in my front. Her leg could be seen to have some issues.
As Daddy  G.O was leaving the auditorium, passing by our side and despite the retinue of protocols around him, he stopped by the young lady's place.
He stopped and lay his hand on her forehead and prayed for her and went away.
Our God is the Almighty.
Just a few seconds  or so after, great shouts of Hallelujahs rent the whole place.
The whole place rose in thunder-like noise to the praise of God.
I found myself running,just to nowhere jumping and shouting Amen and Hallelujah.
I had never seen such in my life. The lady tried and got up from the  wheelchair..
She began to try moving . The ecstasy was too much
I could not believe this
The lady walked !
Some people in the
congregation around us tried to protect her,saying, Leave her.! Don't push her! Don't let her walk too much putting pressure on those legs.
But God did the miracle.
The young girl was brought on the wheelchair but left with joy walking.
The Lord is awesome !
I could not hide my feelings. The reason for sharing it on this platform.
God is still healing the sick and setting the  captives free.
I not only heard or read about such amazing stories, I was made to witness one first hand.
God, You are great. You are faithful.
Glory to Your name.


Sweetheart said...

Our God is awesome!

Joyonsky said...

Thank you Jesus

Francisca Samuel said...

Yes, God be praised!

Anonymous said...

To the Almighty, Eternal and Merciful God be All the Glory. Amen.

Mimi Love said...


Debola said...

Oh yes! simply AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I witnessed it, raw miracle on Thursday/friday morning... It was wonderful, she was singled in the crowd

taiwo ojikutu said...

Hallelujah may her testimony be permanent in Jesus Name

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