Only God could have done this! I got married 28years ago and suffered a lot of miscarriages...

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This is my testimony kemi!
The Lord fought for me to the very end.
I got married 28years ago and had been partially barren. In the sense that I had a lot of miscarriages. 

I joined the crowd that trooped to the Special Holy Ghost of March 2015. I heard Daddy G.O testimony while he was preaching, about  someone that changed her way of asking God ' Heal my child to ' Heal Your child, Lord '.

And God heard her and did as He was asked.
So I decided to change my own way of prayer. No longer, ' Give me my children, Lord; 'But give me Your children to nurture, Lord.'
Truly, my God answered me!.

I had ceased from having menstrual circle; but it came. I grabbed it with absolute faith, believing it to be a sign of my miracle.

  But devil struck! He knew the work of the victory was complete. He started his raging. Thank God  the death of HIS dear Son, Jesus, is not in vain. At least for me at the period  of breaking forth.
You want to know the devil's tricks? 

A relation of my husband had to be buried at that period too in the village.
My husband needed to travel home for it.

The thought of missing the - once - in - a lifetime opportunity spurred me I to following  my husband there. Something had to happen. I decided we had to have it. And the Heavens approved it!

God blessed our coming together that night.
And today, by the grace of God, we are made proud parents of a great son. Hallelujah! Jesus lives.


  1. Wow. Praise God. God is indeed faithful.

  2. All glory to the king of kings!

  3. This God is too good o

  4. Wow only God could have done this indeed. praise be to God.


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