Nikirot2016! Ecclesiastes 9:11 defines how we met - Adenike and Oluwadurotimi's true love story

This week's True Love story series couple, Nike and Rotimi are too cute and they have got even the cutest story.

The lovebirds got married in Lagos a few weekends ago.

Gushing about her man, Nike said "Rotimi is a caring and honest man... He is God fearing & isn't afraid to preach the gospel. Rotimi is also my first aid consultant... He must not know I have a cough; he will quickly recommend a thousand & one ways to get cured (LOL). "

While Rotimi had this to say "I have never met a lady so full of enthusiasm like Adenike. She is hard working and doesn't joke with her career. This drives me to be the best at my career too. No woman is perfect; however, In spite of her imperfection, my love for her gets stronger daily. "

Now read their love story:

“Time & chance happens to them all” Ecclesiastes 9:11 defines how I & Rotimi met.

I remember him leaving me messages via Facebook messenger and I would mostly ignore his messages or give one word answers.

He didn't stop... Never got irritated or rude; that's what attracted me to Rotimi... The future husband I always imagined. I finally got talking with Rotimi and soon discovered he was different from my many Facebook admirers and trolls.

My first planned meeting with him was cancelled as I had to baby sit my nephew & niece... Later found out that he came all the way and I just didn't turn up *coversface & he sounded so cool about it; like he didn't go through any stress to see me that day only for me to cancel!

We eventually met physically on the 31st of December, 2015.

Well, our first meeting was kind of our first date and to be honest; I knew he fell in love instantly (LOL)... Yes, my petite self got him smitten... I saw it in his eyes and noticed he nearly forgot what to do next as soon as he saw me :D We could have kept standing outside throughout if I didn't ask where we were going (LOL) ...But he was using his big stature & swag to hide his butterflies (HAHA!)

I also liked his good looks and dress sense at first sight... We talked a lot, he had to take ice cream though he wasn’t a fan (LOL) & he insisted on dropping me off at home though I did my best to resist. When we were close to my house, I saw my dad's car coming out of our compound afar off & told him to park so no one would see us but he was determined to say hi briefly before leaving as he felt my dad would still see me get out of his car and he might consider it rude that I would get out of his car & the man dropping me off would not have the courtesy to do so in a responsible manner. So, he met my parents when I got home & I wasn't exactly comfortable with it... Little did I know his insistence was all in God's plan

Rotimi prayerfully helped me retrace my steps to God in more than an hour long (seemingly endless) phone call... I remember how he led me to re-dedicate my life to God without thinking or procrastinating as tomorrow may be too late...

Even his first gift to me on our first date were two devotionals (Open Heavens & Daily Guide) & a guitar that constantly reminds me of how close I was to God and encourages me to be even closer now...

I later fell in love with Oluwadurotimi just few days before he returned to his base... This was a very difficult period for me. I wondered if our relationship would work considering the distance...

Loving Oluwadurotimi has taught me that distance has got nothing on true love & that what is meant to be will be.

Proposal Story:
So... I got back home from my 5th year 1st semester exam; tired and looking scruffy (yes! I don't make up when I go to write exams cuz I am mostly crash reading cuz schooling and working ain't easy; I also am not dressy in this season) ...Got home to mum looking happy like she just won a contract and... Boom!

My love; my friend and my heartbeat came out of the kitchen and proposed... Of course; I said YES! I mean; baby came all the way from Qatar to propose and tell my parents he's crazy about this petite lady! I got 3 FANTASTIC surprises; all in one day which I thought would be a regular day. Call me vain but I have always been a sucker for diamonds and he got me that! I love you so much Oluwadurotimi mi... God bless you!

First of all introduction

The newest couple in town!
We wish the beautiful couple a happy married life!
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    1. Very beautiful and sweet. The guy is very black tho

  2. Interesting couple

  3. Happy Married Life. I wish Them The Best Of All This Life Could Give.

  4. Thank God for Facebook. Kemi where are their wedding photos na

  5. Whaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo congratulations to the couple

  6. Awwwww! Sweeeet! I love this!
    May your home be filled with every good thing, Amen. Congratulations!


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