Mother kills eight-year-old son who caught her having sex with grandfather

Veronica Panarello killed her son with electric cables (Picture: CEN)
A mother, Veronica Panarello, received a 30-year jail term for murdering her son because he discovered she was having an affair with his grandfather.

Veronica Panarello strangled her son Loris Stival with electrical cables then abandoned his body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily, Metro UK reported.
She thereafter lied to the police that the boy had been kidnapped.
She said she had taken Stival to school but was not seen as for the time she went back to get him in the afternoon.
Nevertheless, CCTV footage showed that she had not dropped him off at school that day.
Prosecutors branded her an ‘egocentric, manipulative liar.’
Even after she had been found guilty of Loris’ murder and received the sentence, she continued to deny the act.
She also blamed the husband’s father, Andrea Stival, When she confessed that her son had been killed in November 2014.
She told an earlier hearing that he had helped to plot and then carried out the murder because Loris had caught them having sex.
Stival is being investigated as an accessory to murder, according to Italian media.
He has denied the claim and is threatening to sue his daughter-in-law for slander, it has emerged.
Her husband has now filed for divorce.


  1. Oooooolord!
    Wickedness and heartless.
    True definition of evil.
    Rest in peace Child, I know you are in a better place now.

  2. Killing her own son to cover up her dirty secret has evetualy led to the whole world knowing d secret. What a shame!

  3. what a sick,wicked world we live in. smh

  4. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! God have mercy! Wicked is an understatement. You killed your son to cover your dirty secret! This is serious.

  5. W-H-A-T??!!!
    I just a father beating his son to death. Now this? Continue to rest in peace little one.


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