Lagos-based Redeemed Church pastor brutalizes a 15-year-old orphan living with him, for lying (Graphic photo)

According to Facebook user, Bello Anny, a Redeemed pastor named Clifford Ojugo did this to his maid for telling a lie. Read the detailed Narration below:


  1. The small girl can't sit down on a chair for now.the man is just too canal to be called a pastor,he should pray for the girl than brutalizing her.

    1. Religion aside, everything possible should be done to arrest this man and institute the appropriate criminal and civil action against him. This is just really inhumane. And the reality is that this happens everyday to several helpless children in different places around Nigeria. There should be a better system to cater for orphans and we should report cases of this kind of abuse immediately to the police.

    2. Jesus see person yansh. How dis girl yansh go heal like dis? Dis story is somehow.

  2. If this was how God corrected many wrongs.. then there would be no need for us then... the world would have ended in the time of Sodom... later this one wee open his dirty mouth and be preaching about forgiveness from the pulpit ... mahnn this is too far.. even if he's Eugene from Purple Hibiscus

  3. The man must be devil in disguise not pastor...what was he even looking for in her butt? I tire sha

  4. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa...the devil himself!

  5. I have a problem with redeem pastors. It seems to me like they always read their bibles upside down. I have met a lot of them and they are all..... Mean people

  6. Did the poster typed. " pls share until it gets to the General overseer"? No, G.O is not a policeman, the man needs to be JAIL! He's so cruel! He's not a pastor, because he's called one doesn't make him a (endtime) pastor, if he was treated like this whole growing up(either orphan or not) he won't be alive today to be called a pastor. He needs to be locked up, if truly he(or whoever) did this. Hope the girl is receiving treatment now?

  7. I worked directly with this man of God, he can't kill a cockroach talk less of doing the above allegation.I would advise we do our findings very well before making any comment or even judge the innocent man. Thank you

  8. What kind of lie would have deserved such beating? Imagine the kind of pain the child will be going through. Na wa o!


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