KFB's Today In Court: 'I have found another man that satisfies me better than my husband'- Wife begs for divorce

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Tired of the conjugal relationship with her husband of 17 years, a middle aged jewel trader abandoned her matrimonial home, husband and kids to abscond with another man.
Mrs. Cecilia Nwujo stormed a grade ‘A’ customary court, Ojo, seeking for the formal dissolution of her 17 year-old marriage to Mr. Dickson Nwujo, in order to obtain a clean bill to tangle with her new lover.

Giving her evidence on the more reason she wants to opt out of the marriage, the Ebonyi state born mother of two, maintained that she is furious with her husband for having the guts to invite the police to arrest her and her new lover and forcefully brought her back to live with him.

She also squealed her to the court and all present that she has utmost intention to properly move in with her new lover; hence her union with her estranged husband has hit the rocks and leaving zero chances for reconciliation as “a better love has stolen her heart and mind away”.

“ I’m tired of living with Dickson, he ordered me out of his house late last year because I dared to tell people the secret of our union; how I pay the house rents, children’s school fees and general welfare. He accused me of all sorts of evil including witch crafting and been responsible for his ailment. The same health condition I met him with before we formalized our marriage.

When he sent me packing, I took our two kids down to the village and spent three months there. During those trying times, he never visited home, neither did he call or sent as text asking about the welfare of the children.

Then in the fourth month, he appeared from the clouds and took the kids away without any prior information. On that notion, I knew it has gotten to a point of no return, so I quickly summoned the elders of both families and made me intentions of dissolution known to them.

I also managed to raise N1, 060 dowry he paid on me and attempted to refund it to Dickson but he ignored me,”

Armed to the teeth with the fight to source a possible means to officially severe her martial ties to Mr. Nwujo, Cecilia found her way back to Lagos but instead of adopting the heart of concerned mother and heading to her matrimonial home where her 14 year old daughter and 3 years old son dwell without no motherly care, she threw decency and caution to the winds, followed her overwhelming desire for sexual satisfaction and dashed off to her lovers house where she spent another three months before the adulterous duo was arrested by the police.

“ after all efforts to make my husband or his family members accept the return of dowry I offered met with brick walls because they were so adamant to my decisions to opt out. I found my way back to Lagos and instead of going to my former house, I decided to avoid more troubles, so I packed my belongings and moved in with my lover. I was living peacefully with him, until one fateful morning when some police officers came to arrest us. They accused him of abduction and I was forced back to my estranged husband’s house. I told the police officers in charge the problems that I have been encountering with Dickson. So they begged me to give him a second chance, to see if he would turn a new leaf. But during this testing period, there was no improvement from him at all. He maintained the status quo; he kept doing those annoying things that he knew I couldn’t condone,” she narrated.

Before the expiration the three months grace given to restore the Nwujo’s marriage, Cecilia again moved out of her matrimonial home.

She therefore told the court that her marriage to Dickson is as good as dissolved because both parties have ulterior motives behind the marriage. She pleaded for her prayers to be answered while the custody of the two kids should be granted to her for proper motherly care and attention.

Meanwhile, when fragile and sickly looking Dickson was asked by the jurors to defend his wife’s allegations, the apparently frustrated man shocked the court, when he maintained that despite his wife’s gross act of infidelity, he still possess a great feeling of love and affection for and wouldn’t wish for them to go their separate ways.

But on his wife’s insistence that over her dead body would she go back to her matrimonial home, the embittered man promised to open a can of worms on his wife when the opportunity calls for him to give his evidence.

The President in charge of the case adjourned to another day for the respondent to give his evidence. 

Both parties were also advised to maintain peace and orderliness pending the outcome of the divorce suit.


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