KFB's heart-to-heart! How can he stop his wife from carrying Church matters on her head?

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Dear KFBers, this helpless man requires your urgent advise!
I am not a public person but this my matter has to come to your page since I see millions of advise people give.

My wife is over doing this her church thing ever since we got married,she carries the church on her head like she has no responsibility to attend to,attends church every blessed day, fast and pray every day and denying me of sex. Any time I try to touch her she will say the Holy Spirit will be upset, suck breast she will say her body is the temple of God,ok let me just at least suck you or just go naked let me watch you and masturbate myself to sleep, she will preach and quote all the bible verses. The most painful part is she starves me of food too, that I should be fasting with her after a hectic day at work. This has been going on for months and I have swallowed enough, so I had to complain to her pastor, instead this man supported her and told me to allow her work for the lord and get her reward.

I have decided to call her parents to demand for my bride price since she is married to Jesus and get myself a wife. I have not said she should not serve God but even the bible says too much of every thing is bad. I don't want to cheat on her because she is very aggressive with prayers and she can pray down my destiny so it's better I call of the marriage and remarry.i still need advise before I take my actions, because when I do I won't look back.
Yes I have spoken to her, begged her,explained to her to satisfy my needs first but she will call be a distraction, I don't want her to make heaven. This woman was not like this when we dated, but as soon as we got married, she carried church on her head. House help will clean the house and she will go to clean church. House help will wash and sometimes cook my meal while she is in church doing what I don't know.


  1. lol...she will pray down my destiny with her aggressive prayers...OGA u are funny! sit your wife down and talk it out with her...organise a family meeting with the pastor inclusive and let it be discussed...if no positive solution,i will support you 100% to divorce and re-marry. Common boobi,she will not allow u suck..ah ah! In this cold weather & raining season,Mbanu na! Nka a joka bike nu!u cannot come to this world and come and go and die! if she cannot perform her wifely duties,another will,even better!

    1. Maried woman ...mistreating her husband.. Whats d name of church

  2. Kind of funny ehn.......
    How can he stop his wife from carrying Church matters on her head? He should call her for one on one talk and or invite one of her church pastors/family member to intervene.

  3. divorce her . life is too short to b unhappy.

    Jojo mAyana

    1. Exactly. Your wife and pastor probably do not understand the God our saviour and His teachings(or maybe its not the ancient God we all know that they are both serving).As part of your responsibility as a wife/husband, the bible oo,not man or any pastor, makes us understand that when one is joined in matrimony ur bodies become one,spiritually, physical n emotically. Aabbaa our pastor during our counselling stressed(infact he stressed) paa never to deny each other sex.he galled abt it as if its the only thing that matter..lol.this ur wife n pastor are up to something.. If u comfront them be ready to receive their own version of the bible to make u feel guilty..they both dont understand the bible

  4. This one pass me oooo..lol

    Inform her family mambers, call for a family meeting where her pastor and her people will be present. If she doesnt yield after that, you can do as you please.

  5. Hahahaha...I'll just keep mute and read comments..lool

  6. Biko change church am sorry but I suspect something between the pastor and your wife spirituality doesn't cancel out sexuality no bible believing church would support what your wife is doing

  7. Juan! Does her pastor fast everyday? And to think of it, she's not a pastor, I'm very sure her pastor won't treat his wife this way if he's not getting it somewhere. Since the pastor is aware, maybe you inform both families, if there's no changes let her know your next of action... She'd have a change of mind. Is not that you stop her from worshipping God(I believe she prays for you as well) but she needs to balance her and be considerate. How's she taking care of the kids? Is she's not working? Tell her your mind, she needs to take care of her Homefront which includes you... You're both married, sex shouldn't be an abomination, you should both enjoy it without any guilt.
    I hope you're not being aggressive towards her that let her run to Jesus... Lol. Or perhaps some style you're( like sucking) that she doesn't like. I would say all you need is communication and with the help of your families, she might sees reasons and change... Also, if there's anything you used to do before marriage that you stopped, you might think about it and continue doing it. It is well with your home.

    PS... Please don't masturbate!

  8. KPray earnestly for your wife, you will see a great change for d better. Your wife is a romanticwoman that also loves God. She loves you too but the devil wants to make her neglect you.Pray for her. Remember serving God is good . Check your bible: Isaac prayed for Rebecca his wife, pray for her.She is a good woman. Treat her well too. Dont divorce her..She is a lovely woman. A woman that will stand in the gap for you in prayers. From m your write up , you believe in her prayers too.She is an asset.

  9. That's not the way of a Godly woman. The wife needs to make amends and save her marriage if not I don't blame the man if he finally divorces her.even the bible encourages marriage wives love your husband as you love yourself and obey him

  10. Mr husband u sef...what do u want to b 'SUCKING' .Repent


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