KFB's Heart-2-Heart! Ladies, what will you do in this situation?

Please admin post this.
I need all the active girls in the house to bring up suggestions.

Am a married woman, my family and I live in a 3bed room apartment which we still pay rent. I work and my husband also work, but I earn more than him so I support the family too. We shared the expenses, I take care of feeding while he pays for accommodation and school fees, which I also contribute too. We both love each other and life has been ok not until my husband came to me last week that he was broke, I asked him what he used his last salary for, which he lied to me that he sent it to his sick dad,I agreed but was very careless not to call his dad to find out. He told me that he needed 600k to sort out something very important,I insisted on knowing what it was he needed the money for but he got upset and said I can forget if I don't want to help him, he will just get a loan from the bank, so I had to run around. I had just 250k in my account so u borrowed 350k from my friends and co workers. I gathered the money and gave to him.

3 days later I saw a receipt in his suit pocket, a receipt of and I phone 7,with a girls name on it, I did not want to believe what my mind was telling me, so I composed myself and waited for him to get back, before then something just asked me to check that receipt again , which I did and saw a phone number. I quickly added the number on wasssp, which I saw an I phone 7 on the persons DP. I almost called the number but why embarrass myself. As soon as he got back and went to have his Bath, I rushed and grabbed his phone,scrolled but found nothing,so I dialed the number, it was a ladies voice. I dropped and she called back, so I picked, pretended like I was not hearing her then cut and dropped her a message. (Hope you are enjoying your new phone, and she replied yes papi. I will love you till death ).

Tears rolled down my eyes. I have not asked him yet, I have just been crying and thinking. He has also been petting me and begging me to talk to him, but my mouth is shut, my heart is cold, I feel I might die soon. Please I need advise .


  1. *faints*
    *regain consciousness*
    Like seriously?
    Please let him know that you know how far and what's up. He is a wicked beast. Just let him know. Don't raise your voice. I am so sorry I must add this "God will ask him, he will query him & he will judge him" AMEN

    1. Make sure you deal with him. Start saving for your kids and don't ever ever give him money again. I feel your pain , marriage is not easy but you've got to be strong , think with your head most times and not your heart. Some men take Thier wives kindness and love for foolishness . Show him you are not a fool , you don't have to divorce him to deal with him . Be strong .. Hugs

    2. 😨😨😨

    3. Your husband must have slept with someone who is using jazz to control him. Take him to your pastor for deliverance

  2. Hmmmmmm.I will advise you ask him, is not as if you are expecting him to deny it but just to be at peace with yourself.Go ahead with your financial responsibility for your children sake but he must pay back the money or else don't ever give him a dime.

  3. No woman should ever kill herself for a man,its never worth it.

    1. That man is heartless....very heartless. The bible is not wrong when it says the heart of man is desperately wicked,who can know it,no one...it is well with you. Just take good care of yourself and your kids.

  4. men are cheats anywhere anyday even those dat act good before everyone. myhead ask him to pay u bck d money once cos u borrowed it. Take every kobo bck frm him... no mercy. and tell him to carry on with his flirts... am short of words jor

  5. Vanity upon vanity all is vanity!!!

    Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

    What shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

    Youths, Remember your creator when you are young.

    Hey woman! Wake up... !! God gave you that man to love and honour him as your H2: Husband & Head. Respect and love will press the right buttons in him and bring out the king in him. If only you will love and submit to your husband as your head he will treat you like the queen you truly are. You ought to live in peace and not in pieces.

    A good husband bring out the good sides of his wife, but a bad husband provokes his wife and bring out the bad sides of her. If you are irresponsible, late-home-comer, cheat, and aggressive; your wife will be disrespectful and a nag. If you are loving and caring she will be sweet and loving. Instead of beating her up and giving her a silent treatment; Talk to her, advise her, be a mature head and not an immature head of your home. A man is supposed to use the instrument of love to make his wife submit to him. The word of God says; Husbands, Love your wives. Every husband must love his wife if he is a good husband.

  6. Better get ur money back before starting any drama else u will loose den u can deal with him as u please. And stop sharing expenses. Use ur money to spoil urself n ur kids, look more beautiful n sexy. Stay happy. Let ur husband handle the upkeep of d home n don't borrow him any money again. Let me see if he will steal to take care of his gfs. Imagine d nonsense. All dis endtime men.... dear Lord if its just 1 good man left. Let him locate me o. All dis bad stories everyday..... wen i thot I've hrd d worst

  7. Madam, πŸ‘†πŸΎthey've said it all... I feel like giving you a hug. E-hugs!

  8. Omg!!!
    Your husband is heartless!!! He doesn't deserve you. Thank God for revealing this to you. Henceforth, your money should be for you and your kids. Haba!!!

  9. Jesu!!! Ahhhhhhh!! Jesu!!! In this Buhari recession πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ Madam take this matter to your village river, let mami water flog him.

  10. in situations like this you talk to an elderly person for advice your mother or some one with a lot of experience. bringing it up to him would cause an argument. you have to be wise when dealing with situations like this.and pray


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