KFB's Heart-2-Heart! He doesn't trust his girlfriend...

Please admin post this.

My story is very short, I have a girlfriend which we have been dating for 4years now and am planning to propose to her soon, I really loved her and trust her so much but something is really happening that i don't understand, few months back my ears has been full of so many things but I didn't consider her to be such person, in terms of flirting around with guys. 

So lately I decided to spook on her, her movement, what she does and also hacking her Instagram account, i also tracked her phone calls and messages, checking her WhatsApp and other forms of social media she's using, she didn't know about all this, all I could see is my lovely girlfriend and wife to be soon having conversations with other men and to the extent of even giving out her mobile number for meet up, am really confused and heartbroken, have not told her all this because of the love I have for her and I really cherished her. 

Plz advice me on what to do, am so confused and devastated.  Thank you


  1. You deserve to be locked up for invading her privacy

  2. you deserve to b flogged. so u expect her to put her eggs in one basket abi? your a wicked person. how can you date her for 4years. all of a sudden you wanna propose to her. mstcheeew. u deserve to b Hung.

  3. You snooped! She really might not have 'anything' to do with these people, you wouldn't know if you don't ask. Talk to her. Don't just jump into conclusions

  4. If you did not see or catch her red handed with another guy then what are you scared of?

  5. Why would you date a lady that long too? Four years, why?

  6. you are an idiot dude

  7. Sit her down and talk some sense into her.....don't give up on her yet

  8. This is very simple, if you feel she is cheating on you, break up with her and stop posting her and dating her for too long so that she can move on

  9. I would do the same if I where in her shoes can't put all my eggs in one basket if you have ever had ur heart broken before you will understand what she is doing

  10. It's a big problem but I think that love can't unify you. You have to stop thinking about your problems and find a good girl. Maybe this link http://kaliningradmarriageagency.com/lonely-russian-women/ will be very useful for you. It's really helped me to find a girlfriend when I was in despair. I wish you good luck!


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